Diplo Confirmed for Icelantic Winter on the Rocks Concert 2022 Lineup

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Diplo is an American DJ, songwriter, and record producer who has been making music for over 15 years. He’s seen success in many genres of dance music, but he’s also helped create a sound that is widely appreciated by the mainstream audience. His popular collaborative track “Paper Planes” is known and loved by millions of adoring fans around the world. The upcoming Icelantic Winter on the Rocks concert will be a huge appearance for the Colorado community. As the date of January 28th, 2022, nears, anticipation and excitement from his fanbase continues to grow. 

Covid-19 has taken a toll on live-music events, but the Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks concert is a symbol of the power of live music and the progress we have made as a community. Now, it’s time to come back together and celebrate the art of music as a collective. The show must go on, and fans are looking forward to seeing Diplo perform early next year! 

Who Is Diplo? 

Thomas Wesley Pentz, otherwise known as Diplo, is a DJ, songwriter, and record producer born in Tupelo, Mississippi. His work spans many genres, such as electronic dance music (EDM), trap, hip hop, R&B, and pop. He has collaborated with artists like Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Madonna, and Drake, among others. He has produced many of MIA’s tracks and is part of the Major Lazer group as well. 

As a DJ, Diplo started in his early twenties in Philadelphia, where he was first introduced to making music through playing instruments, such as guitar and drums, before eventually moving on to using samples for creating songs. He also made mixtapes that he sold and distributed to his friends by the time he was in college. Some of the genres that he produced with his mixtapes include electronica, grime, and dancehall. 

While Thomas Wesley Pentz was getting ready to graduate from college in 2003, he began working on projects for some local labels around Philadelphia before moving on to create his own imprint called Mad Decent. The label has released music by artists like Lazerdisk Party Sex, Rusko, and Gucci Mane, among others. 

Why EDM Has Become so Popular 

Diplo (Thomas Wesley Pentz) is famously known for his music and work in the genre of EDM—electronic dance music. As a genre, EDM is characterized by its use of electronic instruments in creating dance music. This style has seen much commercial success over the last few years and has become popular among many people who attend festivals for this type of music. 

One reason that many believe there’s been such an increase in popularity for EDM is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In fact, it’s been known to be a favorite among many college-age students and young adults who are just starting out in their careers. 

Other factors that may have led to the rise of this genre include accessibility through digital music platforms such as Spotify or Pandora, where one can listen to various EDM songs for free. 

Another possible reason for the popularity of EDM is its use in advertisements. Brands have seen that this type of music can help them sell their products better to customers, which has helped increase demand and consumption. Some examples include Beats By Dre, Monster Headphones, and Nespresso, among others 

Nevertheless, Diplo has continued to expand on the rising popularity of EDM and paves the way for the genre’s continued relevance and popularity among today’s music community. 

Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks 

The upcoming 2022 concert marks the concert’s 10th annual show and is set to be held at the same venue as in previous years, The Red Rocks Amphitheater. The festival has featured artists like Wiz Khalifa and Bassnectar, among others who have drawn crowds from all over Colorado and the country. As a highly popular music festival that has continued to rise in popularity, the event continues to attract top artists from around the world. With Diplo’s addition to the upcoming event’s lineup, the event’s popularity among the music community continues to rise. 

The Icelantic Winter on the Rocks concert will be held at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado, on January 28th, 2022. Tickets for this event can be purchased today. Don’t miss out on seeing Diplo in concert! 

About Diplo  

Diplo, born Thomas Wesley Pentz, is an American DJ, songwriter, and record producer who was born in Mississippi. His work spans many genres, such as electronic dance music (EDM), trap, hip hop, R&B, and pop. Diplo has collaborated with artists like Beyonce, Madonna, and Drake, among others.  

As a DJ, he started in his early twenties in Philadelphia, where he was first introduced to making music through small gigs at universities in the region. Since then, Diplo has continued to make a name for himself through consistent original songwriting and producing and has developed a large fan base for himself throughout the years. Today, Diplo remains to be a top artist and producer, gaining excitement and anticipation from audiences around the world. 

Credit: “Diplo, Main Stage @ExitFestival 2013″ by Exit Festival is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

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