Is VR the future for online casinos?

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VR – or virtual reality – is one of the best pieces of modern-day technology that has uses that spread from gaming in the average American household to helping neurosurgeons perform intricate life-saving surgeries. It’s versatile, advanced, and generates millions of dollars in revenue for companies like Oculus – a leading VR headset developer. 

Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull developed the first-ever VR headset in 1968 – although compared to what it is now, it was more of a concept headset. Now, the technology used to generate VR visuals is advancing at a rate of knots and potentially into the world of online casinos. Let’s explore.

The Capabilities Of Virtual Reality

Essentially, VR technology transports us into a virtual world using certain software. We dive into the realms of the unknown as if we were there. There have been many funny videos online of people gaming on a VR headset and running headfirst into a costly payout for a newly broken TV – that’s how immersed you feel; you completely forget your surroundings.

VR is probably most well-known for its gaming uses, but it spreads so much further than that. For example, Bill Gates has recently said he believes all business meetings will one day be hosted in the metaverse using technology like VR. Some companies have already started using virtual offices, almost SIM’s like, to make working from home employees feel like they have the support of an office.

There could be an entire article about the capabilities of VR. The military uses it for simulations, mental health services use it for therapy, schools use it for education – the list could go on. But how can casinos use it?

How Could Online Casinos Benefit?

The concept of virtual office spaces is similar to that of virtual online casinos. To have the ability to feel like you are somewhere without actually being there is the future of technology, and online casinos will benefit massively. Plus, there’s a big potential to tap into. Statista predicts the global online gambling market will be valued at $92.9 billion by the end of 2023.

Millions of people worldwide use only the highest quality sites to play their favorite online casino games. Having that experience elevated by immersing players into the casino could be the next step to making online casinos more popular than land-based casinos. 

And there doesn’t seem to be a better time to explore it than now. The online casino industry saw a huge boom when the pandemic struck – and it seems to have had a lasting impact.

Games like live casino games would benefit massively from VR technology. It would be such a better experience if players could look around and feel like they’re in the poker room rather than in their room at home.

The only downside to this is that VR technology isn’t that accessible just yet. Although some brands are bringing out more affordable ranges, some of the better brands charge hundreds for a headset. However, one prediction tech experts are making about VR is that it will become more accessible for everyone to get their hands on.

The Future Of Virtual Reality

The future of virtual reality doesn’t so much lie with the advances in technology but rather in the expansion of its uses. Nearly every industry could benefit from it – especially now that the metaverse is becoming such a big thing. 

Some companies are finally taking the plunge into VR waters – tech giant Apple being one of them. Apple has plans to introduce a new VR headset that rivals Sony and is compatible with many apps on the iOS store, but it is taking time to produce. Rumour has it that it will be on the market in 2022. Sony has also recently made a prototype for their highly advanced VR headset. There’s a lot of competition and various different headsets that should make VR more accessible to every industry.

Virtual reality has been life-changing – literally. It’s an interesting technology that doesn’t necessarily change our reality, but it does make you feel like you’re in another dimension. The future of VR should propel us into a new era of reality and how we go about the simplest of things – like a business meeting.

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