New Online Gambling Trends in 2022

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There have been some significant changes in the online gambling industry in the last few years. One of those changes is the introduction of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. With the introduction of virtual reality, gambling has never been more exciting. There are a few leading online gambling platforms, such as, that are popularizing these trends; however, they will soon spread to more sites.

Cryptocurrency will dominate the industry

It has been quite some time since the cryptocurrency was introduced as a viable payment method in the online gambling industry. The number of platforms accepting this virtual currency is growing. Cryptocurrencies offer anonymity and enhanced security, so users tend to prefer them. Soon, cryptocurrencies will replace traditional payment methods as it is faster and cheaper. 

The emerging popularity of virtual reality and Metaverse casino gambling

Online casino games will become more engaging with virtual reality, which is not new but is improving quickly. More and more devices are becoming available for virtual reality. Within a very short time, gaming websites will offer more immersive experiences to their players.

You’re probably stunned when you walk into a big casino, with its flashing lights, high ceilings, and hundreds of people milling about, all itching to win big. Imagine what that would be like in virtual reality. That’s what the Metaverse has to offer online gamblers.

Online casinos were the next big thing in the early days of the Internet-a way for people to gamble without having to leave their homes. With the advent of advanced technology, live dealer games have increased the realism of online gambling.

It’s almost certain that metaverse casinos will flourish it is just a matter of time, so you’ll be able to converse with other players, place bets in real-time, and even purchase goods (NFTs?) using your winnings. However, when we asked the online casino experts at, they said there are still some years to go before it becomes significant. There is still a lack of exciting slot games in the metaverse, and maybe the most crucial lack of trusted brands that are licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling commission.

Unique iGaming experience with smartwatches

Smartwatches will be used by even more enthusiasts in 2022, along with their mobile devices and computers. Online casino games can now be played on smartwatches, a convenient and accessible option. It is projected to be a prominent industry in 2022 as wearable technology grows rapidly. The wearable technology industry could become a billion-dollar industry in a few years, according to some experts.

Smartwatches are popular for tracking fitness, sending messages, and playing games. As they become more powerful, they are also becoming more useful. It is, therefore, no surprise that the gambling industry is taking advantage of this new class of devices, with developers such as Playtech already offering apps for iPhones and Apple Watches.

Smartwatches are more present in the user’s awareness than smartphones, so they are more likely to play games on a whim (such as in a queue). Wearables are also more appealing in terms of gaming than mobile devices, as players will only see the information, they need for a game without being distracted by too many buttons.

Gambling apps on wearables, on the other hand, are a niche product, and users are still favoring online casinos and betting sites on desktop or mobile. Moreover, gambling operators must design for a variety of operating systems in addition to watchOS and WearOS. Each model of the same company varies greatly: some have round screens, while others have angular screens or combine mechanical and digital elements.

Better Casino Game Slots

This year will mark the return to normality, or at least a significant step towards that direction with better game slots. As people spend more time indoors, online gambling has benefited, and this trend is likely to continue in the future.

With the recent announcements by Microgaming selling off its Quickfire distribution business and online casino games, there have been several major shifts in the industry in 2021, and it is likely that 2022 will bring its own surprise.

Changing habits of online casino players

Social and mobile gaming has had a considerable impact on the gambling industry for years. There seems to be an increase in people playing free-to-play games on tablets and smartphones. It’s true that free-to-play items don’t produce direct revenue, but they can do so in many other ways, such as by offering paid features or advertising. 

Esports betting

With esports betting, bookmakers can offer their customers new data-driven experiences, more accurate betting, and the ability to wager in-game. An analysis of esports betting opportunities for bookmakers was recently published by Applause.

Experts do not believe esports betting will continue in 2022, despite being a major trend this year. FIFA may have been popular during the pandemic, but games like DOTA 2 were less popular. According to Joos and Pilgrim, esports betting was only used as a substitute for sports betting during the Covid lockdown.

Napoleon Games & Casino, where Joos is a partner, conducted an internal study suggesting that bettors are less comfortable with esports betting due to suspicion about a game’s integrity. Hopefully, as technology becomes better understood, this will change. The integrity of esports betting is, in fact, greater than that of traditional sports betting, which has been plagued by corruption scandals in the past.

Gambling offerings from major entertainment companies

The arrival of gambling offerings from established entertainment companies is one trend gaining traction in the online gambling space. The fact that Netflix is starting to launch games-based programs on its shows and movies suggests that future casino games are possible. Disney is investigating the possibility of signing up other companies to provide sports betting services. It’s possible that Amazon will follow suit – after offering live soccer streams recently, it’s logical to offer wagers as well.

The rise of live dealers

Generally, players prefer a realistic gaming experience when choosing online options. Perhaps this explains the growing popularity of virtual reality. However, many people prefer playing with live dealers rather than using artificial technology. Live dealers provide a more genuine and legitimate gambling experience. Clear communication is another factor driving the popularity of live dealers. 

Micro betting

Sports betting used to be preoccupied with major outcomes. Who will win? Who has the best chance of winning? Are there going to be many goals scored? A growing number of micro-betting sites have replaced this type of betting, which involves small in-play events such as the next goal, the next corner, or a red card. This trend is expected to improve and continue in 2022.

As a result of the volume of micro bets placed on any one game, it is difficult to manually track every outcome. Due to these factors, many online betting companies rely on artificial intelligence to determine outcomes and distribute results, making micro bets expensive. If online sportsbooks hope to gain real benefits from this trend, they must figure out which events make the most sense to offer bets on and which to exclude.

The Same Goal

All online gambling operators have the same goal: to attract players. For this reason, platforms provide incentives such as entertainment, rewards, and programs. As expected, online gambling is expected to attract an increasing number of people. 

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