How Sports Betting Is Evolving with Technology

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If you’re someone who has been betting on sports for ages, you’ve surely followed the transformation of this practice over the years. The times where you have to go to a brick-and-mortar bookie to place a bet are long behind us. Even if this is still your preferred way of making a wager, you’ve surely found yourself short on time and had to bet on your favorite team online at least once in your life.  

Now, as technology is changing most aspects of our lives, it is also transforming the sports betting industry. In case you’re wondering what you can expect from this form of entertainment in the future, keep on reading for some interesting insights. 

Mobile betting makes it easy to play even on the go 

As we said, you no longer have to leave your home and go to a betting shop if you want to place a few wagers. Technology made it easy to find out everything you need about a game or match before it starts, and place an informed bet online. However, as you might be aware by now, most sports betting sites are also available on mobile devices and operators even provide players with dedicated mobile apps where they can easily log in and decide on the bet they’ll make.  

Yes, mobile sports betting is the way forward as it doesn’t even limit you to your home. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s estimated that by 2025, there will be almost 7.5 billion mobile users worldwide. If you have an internet connection, you can easily bet on your way to work, during your lunch break, and even while out in a pub watching a game. 

Live betting provides players with more options 

In case you weren’t already aware, the possibility of live betting now also exists. That means that you can bet on a game, match, race, and any other type of contest that is already underway. So, if you’re watching a game in a pub and like the chances of one team after the first half, it’s easy to open your preferred sports betting app and place a wager that you’re certain will be a winning one. Just a few years back, this was not an option but the rapid development of technology made this possible as well. 

Various payment options attract a wider array of players 

Besides the practicality of wagering no matter where you are, technology also made it possible to bet using a wide range of banking options. From debit and credit cards like Visa and MasterCard to e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill, operators are implementing various methods in order to attract and retain customers. What is more, more traditional alternatives like wire transfers are still available but even cryptocurrency is slowly but surely establishing itself in this sector. 

Platform providers make it simple to start a business 

Another interesting development is that  technology also makes it easier for bookmakers to start a business. Nowadays, there are various apps and platforms that they can use to ensure their clients have a pleasant experience on their website. For instance, offers a safe and secure platform that is easy to use, and will help you provide more sports and games on your site.  

With that in mind, even if you’re thinking about switching careers and trying something new, you can rest assured that there are great omnichannel solutions you can turn to. This new trend in technology and sports betting has changed the way people interact with websites and how bookmarkers build their websites. With omnichannel solutions they can provide a user-friendly interface, extend their sports events and games content and simply provide something easy to use that makes people want to stay and play. 

Blockchain technology improves the safety of players and bookmakers 

In addition to having safe and licensed platforms that will ensure players are satisfied, operators are also turning to blockchain technology. While not completely new on the market, it has recently seen an increase in the sports betting sector as it can prevent hacking and unauthorized access. By implementing this technology, online casinos and sportsbooks are protecting both themselves and their customers. 

Artificial intelligence can help personalize the experience of users 

Another technological advancement that can make sports betting better in the future is artificial intelligence. While it might seem like there is no use for it in this industry, the truth is that AI can be used to learn more about the users and create a personalized experience for each client. After using a website or app for a particular amount of time, you might notice that it is catering to your needs, such as providing you with information on the games you care about the most, the players you’re betting on the most frequently, and so on. 

Betting is made faster with 5G 

Lastly, with so many users, there is always a need for faster internet speeds. Phone companies began offering 5G to their users in 2019 and it is expected that 1.7 billion subscribers will have access to 5G by 2025. Faster internet means faster betting and more bets in a specific time period, which is certainly something both the operators and users like. 

As technology keeps evolving, it keeps infiltrating various spheres of life. The fact that it’s also present in the development of sports betting shouldn’t come as a surprise. It remains to be seen what else we can expect. 

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