Internet Vikings Makes Pivotal Debut in Illinois

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Meta Description: Internet Vikings is an SEO solutions provider for online gambling operators. It has started operations in Illinois, after establishing itself in 17 other states in America,  

In 2013, New Jersey became the first state in the USA to legalise and regulate online gambling. Since then, other states have been following suit and today 21 of them permit some form of online gambling. Internet gambling service providers are also queuing up at the offices of the regulatory agencies vying for a share of the growing market.  

Internet Vikings, which was operating in 17 states, has just announced that Illinois will become its 18th state. The group entered USA only in July 2021 and is obviously moving fast.  

<H2>Internet Vikings Starts Operations in Illinois</H2> 

The online gambling industry was waiting for Illinois to open its doors because of the immense market potential it carries. The Prairie State has the fifth-biggest GDP and the sixth-largest population for a state. The Internet Vikings press release refers to Illinois as a “latecomer to the party” because it legalised online gambling only in 2019. Online sports betting is the only vertical permitted as of now. However, it is hoped that the state will move towards full regulation, sooner rather than later. There are two reasons for this hope. 

The entry in Illinois comes on the back of solid performances in states like West Virginia, Colorado and New Jersey where Internet Vikings have already attracted various clients. Elena Kvakova, Head of US Expansion at the company based in New York, stated that when selecting which states to prioritise, the company follows trends. Looking at the expectations promised in Illinois, Internet Vikings moved in quickly.  

<H2>What Internet Vikings Brings to the Table</H3> 

Internet Vikings is a Swedish company established in 2008 by Victor Jerlin and Rickard Vikstrom. Its main objectives are to provide custom-made Internet hosting solutions, search engine optimisation to improve traffic and other related services. These are vital inputs for the online gaming industry and hence Internet Vikings attracts international iGaming operators as clients. The company has long been a market leader in this field in Europe and in the last few years has taken steps to establish itself in the United States

  • Internet Vikings has all the licenses required for its operations in the United States and is fully compliant in its business arena.  
  • The company has strategically located US headquarters in New York, which is the hub of commerce. It also has data centres across the breadth of the country in Oklahoma, Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Indiana. 
  • The US online gaming market does not have federal regulation, and the state-specific requirements vary from place to place. Since Internet Vikings is strong in providing bespoke solutions, it can perfectly cater to clients in this kind of industry.  
  • The company’s global presence and reputation will help in procuring business in the United States. 

<H3>Kvakova Leads Internet Vikings Push in America</H3> 

Elena Kvakova has been in charge of the American operations since 2020. The initial groundwork involved a thorough study of the specifics of gambling legislation which vary from state to state. She said, “The biggest challenge for Internet Vikings was finding the right approach to a new market in which regulators did not expect such an innovative and robust business model, as well as trying to find our own niche in a newly formed legal environment.” 

Elena Kvakova expressed that the strength of Internet Vikings is flexibility. The traditional licensed hosting options in the US are costly. So, the company is developing solutions that are agile and cost-effective without sacrificing reliability, security and robustness. “We want to grow and transform alongside our clients,” she said. A tangible deliverable on the cards is the creation of trustworthy infrastructure and servers in all 13 major iGaming hubs in the US. 

Although real money online casinos are presently still illegal, social gambling sites are increasing in popularity, and are able to operate. Various providers within the iGaming sector such as Internet Vikings are able to operate without a license, provided they have a client to work with. The company already has two clients in Illinois, one of which has been working with them in two other American states where they are in operation.  

<H2>The Way Ahead</H2> 

Elena Kvakova is proud and happy at the rapid pace Internet Vikings has expanded within the United States and is crystal clear where she wants to take the company. She laid out the strategic development plans when she said, “We have no intention of slowing our pace until we have secured a base in all of the 21 states where iGaming has been legalised.” 

The remaining states are beginning to recognise the immense commercial value of the online gaming business. It is a matter of time before they enact the necessary legislation and implement the required regulations for providing online gambling services. Internet Vikings will be there to provide iGaming operators with cutting edge solutions to enable them to compete successfully. 

The United States is not the only country in North America that is on the radar of Internet Vikings. iGaming Ontario is likely to announce the opening of Canada’s new online gambling market anytime in the next few months. Internet Vikings have already set shop in Toronto and will be ready to move as soon as the announcement comes. Kristoffer Ottosson, Head of Hosting Services at Internet Vikings shared his excitement, “We couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity to enter the Canadian iGaming market.” Many online gambling operators and input providers have already applied to register with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, since September 2021. Internet Vikings is ready to contact them with its offers for unique and innovative solutions. The company will offer its full suite of Cloud Hosting Services, which are available in the US from the established data centres there.  

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