The Biggest Wins in Online Gaming

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People play online casino games for various reasons. Some enjoy the excitement, others aim to gain a new skill, but everyone wants to win some money.  

But what if you don’t have to invest big to win big? 

The following text covers the most popular online casino games, shares some of the biggest wins in online gaming, and, hopefully, will help you choose the right game for you to try your chances with Lady Luck.  

Games You Can Play in Online Casinos  

The online casinos’ success lies in mobility and the games they offer, including: 

Ease Yet Profitable: Slots  

Beginners and experienced players love playing slots. Online casinos worldwide offer various slot games matching everybody’s taste.  

Once you decide to enter the exciting online gambling world, find a slot game offering attractive bonuses to make the entire experience even more exciting.  

More Than a Game: Poker  

The best way to sharpen your poker skills is to opt for video poker. It is based on traditional five-card draw poker, and playing in the digital space will bring you the same level of excitement as if you are at the poker table.  

In addition, video poker doesn’t require waiting for others to play their hand, so it saves you time and nerves.  

One of the Most Popular: Roulette  

Roulette has gained a reputation as one of the most played and beloved casino games; it has pretty high payouts. As a result, it is attractive to play it in the physical and digital world.  

Online casinos offer various roulette games, so it won’t be difficult to find a type that suits your goals and preferences.  

A Classic: Blackjack  

Blackjack has also moved to the digital space, and many online casinos have it in its offering. With some of the best odds available, the game is a mixture of luck and well-thought-out tactics.  

A Game for Everyone: Baccarat   

Baccarat is probably one of the most accessible card games. Even if you are not familiar with the rules, you can learn them practically overnight.  

It resembles blackjack, although they differ in betting options. If you opt for baccarat and decide to bet on real money, you can win a considerable sum, especially if you play against multiple players.  

Which One to Choose 

Many players, especially newbies, find it challenging to choose one game with so many options on the plate. However, if you aim to have fun and earn money without investing much, go for slots.  

Slots are one of the most profitable games, and in case you’re doubting our claims, we have a couple of pretty impressive examples to prove it.  

The Mind-Blowing Online Slots Wins 

”Go big or go home” doesn’t refer to all casino games, especially slots. However, as the following examples reveal, you could very well walk away a millionaire with the minimal of outlays. 

$11.6 Million  

If anyone says you can win big money by betting a mere $1.50, they would mostly be wrong. D.P., a player from the UK, managed to do just that and landed $11.6 million playing mega moolah slots on their mobile device.  

$17.3 Million  

In 2011, a player from Norway landed $17.3 million with the Arabian Knights. Although this online slot game is not available in the US, the software developers, NetEnt, do service a couple of online casinos here, so, fingers crossed.  

$19.9 Million 

Mega Moolah, again? Yes, and this one is even more impressive. Back in 2016, J.H., a player from the UK, bet the miniscule amount of $0.25 and won a staggering  $19.9 million on the progressive slot. This even garnered the attention of the folks over at Guinness, having been officially recognized as the biggest online win by an individual at the time.  

$22.4 Million  

Yet another example of a Mega Moolah slot making people’s dreams come true, in 2018, a player walked away with $22.4 million! It is the biggest jackpot in the game’s history, and the player managed to hit it in less than 50 spins (the winning bet was $0.75 per spin).  

$24 Million  

We reach the top with what is currently the biggest ever prize from an online slot, having been won by a player from Finland. The $24 million jackpot was achieved thanks to the Mega Fortune online slot where the lucky winner wagered a mere $0.25 per spin. 

Mega Moolah or Some Other Game, It’s Up to You  

As you can see, Lady Luck indeed smiles down upon us from time to time, and when it comes to picking what might be the best and most profitable game for you, the numbers clearly favor the generous Mega Moolah slot. 

Whatever your choice is, at the end of the day, keep in mind that the statistics probably aren’t in your favor for these kinds of record wins, but, as the above list proves, you never know just when your moment will come. Good luck! 

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