How Has Casino Game Design Evolved Over the Past Decade?

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Online gambling and gaming has changed dramatically over the past decade. The way casino game design has changed is not always obvious to the casual observer but something that no one could have missed is the quality of the graphics.  

Taking online slots as an example, the early games have moved away from the basic 2D graphics retro games like pong and have radically been updated through the past few days so players now have fantastic 3D graphics to be immersed in. The high-quality graphics of today’s online slots are taken for granted by most players as it is commonplace to see new online slots released with stunning artwork. However, that was not the case 10 years ago and although we enjoyed playing online slots a decade ago, in terms of graphics, those games simply cannot compete with that we have available today. 

The striking colours and bold designs make the modern-day online casino games pop. Whether it be realistic artwork or cartoon style graphics, we are spoilt for choice and in terms of graphics, casino game design has evolved greatly over the past decade. You must only look at Real Time Gaming casinos for a great example of the graphics on slot games today. The best RTG casinos feature brightly coloured and designed slot games, including Spirit of the Inca, Aladdin’s Wishes, Basketbull, Builder Beaver, Cash Bandits, and Cleopatra’s Gold. 

Slots are not the only online casino game to see a difference in design over the years and the same applies to table games. We have gone from basic looking table games to impressive studio-based games over the past decade. Live casino gaming has taken off and the design of live table games is completely different to the standard casino games of 10 years ago. The presentation of live casino games is tremendous and gives the feel of being inside a real, land-based casino. OCR software is used to bring you live casino games and it is this technology that tracks the cards and processes the information. 

The whole presentation aspect of online casino games has changed, with studio games being a good example. If you imagine your favourite game show currently on television, live studio games are the same. Set design plays a crucial role in studio-based casino games and the presentation is incredible, with hosts taking you through the game as if you were on a television game show. A lot more thought is going into the presentation of live casino games than ever before. Although gameplay is still hugely important, presentation and design are a key factor when creating new online casino games, including live dealer games. 

The gameplay development of online casino games has also had an impact on the way games are designed. Taking slots as an example, the early online slots were basic and played like the slot machines you find bars across the world. However, as online slots can be programmed to operate in several ways, we are no longer restricted to the basic three of five reel set-up, with the winning line being the central row of symbols. Now, online slot game design has introduced numerous ways to win and the reels do not always spin in the conventional way. Rather than the symbols being on reels, they can be on blocks for example and these blocks can spin individually to create a different type of game. The way the symbols react upon landing has also developed over the years and winning symbols can spin again following a win, making for a more exciting game. 

So, there are many ways casino game design has evolved over the past decade and it has led to an excellent selection of games. 

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