The Best of Pay N’ Play Casino

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Wagering online has become a trend at this time since betting became so convenient that it takes only five minutes for anyone curious enough to wager online to complete the registration process. Modern technology helps pave way for the casino to be played online to cope with our fast-paced life.

Pay N’ Play Casino

These are casinos that are played online without making a registration or using the player’s account. Pay n’ play casino is developed by Trustly, a leading Swedish fintech and it provides gamblers who want to play this platform banking ID. This banking ID will be used by the players to log on to an online casino, and automatically they will be directed to the casino site platform, choose a game then play. Pay n play casinos are hassle-free and have no commitments from the site.


As mentioned Trustly is an open banking payment scheme which was founded in 2008 and it allows clients to use it in various transactions without using their bank or credit card. It also has access to other merchants such as Alibaba, eBay, other digital wallets like Paypal, and social media like Facebook.

Online gamblers started using Trustly Casino since Trustly built a strong tie with e-commerce in 2016 using Pay N’ Play Technology. The only downside is not all countries can get access to this platform so it is advised to ask first.

The Role of KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a Patriotic Act Law in the US that encourages certain online industries (casinos included) to check and assess the identity of their customers before or during their transactions with you. KYC intends to protect both the operator of the company and the client.

Making a deposit using Pay N’ Play

Making a deposit is like a walk in the garden at Pay ‘N Play. All we have to do is follow these simple steps:

1.    Once you’re already at the homepage, click “Instant Play” and automatically you will be directed to the pure Pay N’ Play casino through Trustly. If you are a returning player, just click the “resume game” button.

2.    Enter the amount you wish to deposit. The casino usually indicates the minimum.

3.    Find your country of residence the tap

4.    Click the logo of your bank

5. log in to your Bank Id

6.    A validation code will be sent to the player via SMS, email, or Google notification or call.

7.    Now you can enjoy the game.

How to withdraw one’s winnings

Withdrawing one’s winnings is also a piece of cake but before you cash them out, make sure, to check if your money reached the minimum withdrawal amount with Trustly.

1.    Look for “My Account”.

2.    Check the Banking/withdrawals/Cash out section.

3.    Click Trustly as a payment option.

4.    Check your country and select your back then click its logo.

5.    Key in your BankID.

6.    Type the amount you wish to withdraw.

7.    Confirm your transaction and your money will be transferred to your bank.

Various games you can wager at Pay N’ Play casino:

·       Blackjack

·       Live Casino

·       Video Poker

·       Baccarat

·       Roulette

·       Slot Machines

·       Lottery

Final Insight:

Playing Pay N’ Play is a pure entertainment fit for people who have a busy lifestyle and want to place a bet in a quick manner.

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