What are some obscure online casino games that players should try?

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Trying something new and changing can be good, remember? 

There is no doubt that many of us continue to become rather comfortable with a number of things that we do in our daily lives and those that use an online casino will perhaps acknowledge that many of them have become rather comfortable over an extended period of time. 

Whilst they may be using an excellent platform such as Dunder casino for all of their gaming needs – which is brilliant and not a concern – there will be some that will be quick to admit that their gaming experience has become a little stale because they continue to play the same games all the time. 

Of course, slots and classic table games are always going to be a popular choice for many because of how easy they are to play and the winning opportunities that are provided when playing them, however perhaps those that continue to play them should consider looking a little wider afield? 

Indeed, there are several casino games that might be considered a little obscure because of the lack of exposure or popularity that they have received from other bettors, but this does not mean that they are not worthy of playing. In fact, it could be argued that these games could be hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered by the mainstream. 

So, what are some of the most obscure titles to have been created and made available? What games should you perhaps be trying the next time you enjoy an online gambling session? Let’s look at a few below: 


The game “War” could be one of the most obscure games around at the moment, however it should not be as it has been made available at many casinos and, actually, remains one of the simplest to play. 

Initially introduced as a card game for children, this game has been adapted and turned into an online casino game where players will need to try and have a better card than the dealer. A standard 52-card deck is used to play and up to eight players are able to play at any single time. 

Given how simple it is to play, it is amazing more people are not playing this incredibly basic game. 


For players who are looking for a truly unique gaming experience, then there might not be anything that compares to the one that can be obtained when playing “Spingo”. 

Players might be able to infer from the name of the game that bingo is involved, but the final element is in regard to roulette – hence the “Spin” part of the name. 

Players will need to place a bet on the number that they believe will land or the color that could appear, however there are three colors typically involved in this game. The numbers will only go from 0-10 but each number can appear as a different color. 

This game has more similarities to roulette than it does with bingo, however it is incredibly unique and provides a whole new gaming experience that needs to be enjoyed at least once! 

Big Wheel 

Big Wheel games might appeal to individuals in a physical aspect as it means they get to spin the wheel and try and obtain a prize, however the game has been adapted for online casinos. 

There are several variations of it available, including as a live dealer variant, and it remains as simple and enjoyable as ever to play. 


To summarize, the three mentioned above are just a couple of the casino games that can be considered obscure and perhaps even underrated by online casino enthusiasts. We would suggest you give them a go and see whether you think they are too! 

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