Why Online Casinos Are So Popular in New Zealand

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In the mid-90s, the first gambling software was developed, and with the dawn of the internet, online casinos became popular. Now billions around the world gamble, it has become a big industry with China and the US being the top countries. However, New Zealand is not far behind, and here is why.

Why Online Casinos?

Technically online casinos are forbidden in the country, but it is more against the betting sites. It is a gray area for players, and even regular bettors getting caught and penalized are next-to-none. Regardless of legal issues, most of them operate offshore, and it is easy for players to access the best online casinos NZ

One of the factors of online casinos becoming popular in New Zealand is the laws themselves. It is illegal or heavily regulated to operate casinos or any betting facilities. Many have turned on online casinos to pass their time with little avenue for bettors and limited betting facilities to cities.

The internet has provided an avenue to play online casinos for bettors in New Zealand. Since it is not illegal to play online casinos in the country, operating offshore is the best option for operators to do business. Now bettors can play their favorite casino games on their computer screens or mobile devices.

The Pandemic

Many businesses closed as the world experienced the Covid-19 pandemic from early 2020 to 2021. Curfews were implemented, and outside activities were not allowed during the lockdown. Leisure and entertainment is an industry that is hit by these changes. Recreational facilities that profit from people gathering in their buildings have shut down, and some go out of business.

Casinos are one of the businesses that went down in the first waves of the pandemic. Because of this, most bettors stuck in their homes have gone online for their entertainment, keeping the industry floating.


Online casinos are affordable, with the lowest bets than their physical counterparts. Many are drawn to betting low and having a chance to win big.


Online casinos are so accessible these days and age. As long as you have access to the internet via mobile data, wired connection, or WIFI, you can log in to your account and play.

Variety of games

Online casinos compete with the variety of games they have on-site. The more games they have, the more players will get into the fun, with online bonuses for new players and loyal ones that encourage them to play more.


One of the main factors of online casinos is their security. Operating online, casinos invest in the protection of their websites. Investing in security for the players’ money and the games are based on luck and avoiding rigging, firewalls, and encryption to deter hackers.

Online casinos in New Zealand are not something to be ignored. With the country’s unique situation, it is an excellent opportunity for online casinos to thrive and for bettors to have more variety of games. With affordable bets and perfect security, you can be assured the games are fair, and you can have fun with no worries.

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