Vape Juice Flavor: How to Pick the Right E-Liquid Flavor for the Ultimate Vaping Experience?

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Many consumers face a relatively common difficulty in shopping for an e-liquid. The e-liquid is an essential part of the overall vaping ecosystem and whether you have a good or bad vaping experience is dependent mainly upon your choice of e-liquid. But these days, you have many options when it comes to choosing an e-liquid, and it can be overwhelming too, especially if you are a newcomer in the world of vaping. Today we will discuss the various options you have when you are in the market shopping for an e-liquid. On a side note you can check this dry herb vaporizer in case you need one. Since the financial year sale is currently ongoing.

What Is A Vaping E-liquid Made of?

All vaping e-liquids consist of the following chemicals in specific respective ratios. There is vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, taste flavors, and optional nicotine salts. The most common e-liquid type is vegetable glycerine type and is usually infused with nicotine salts. Another type is propylene glycol, and this type of e-liquid has some good flavoring options too. A convection vaporiser will just about work with any of the two e-liquid types but traditional vaporiser might not.

Some main criteria are using which you should choose an e-liquid:

1. Flavor: You might be inclined to try out cigarette branded flavors like Belmont, Marlboro or others if you are already a smoker. But in vaping devices, this exact same effect is challenging to replicate. This is because there is not just nicotine in a cigarette but hundreds of other chemicals and tobacco too. Nevertheless, you will find many tobacco flavored e-liquids, but not all of those can give you the authentic flavor of a real cigarette. 

This might have held true for a smoker, but what about a non-smoker? There are different fruit-flavored e-liquids available too—for example- ripe mango, creamy strawberry, tangy blueberry, etc. You can choose to vape using non-nicotine added fruit e-liquids and elevate your experience without harmful side effects. Since some people have an adverse reaction to nicotine, it is a prudence concept to check with your doctor first about any allergic reaction, if any you have.

Photo by VapeClubMY on Unsplash

2. Nicotine: The majority of users purchase e-liquids with added nicotine salts. But you must understand the difference between a light nicotine intake and a heavy intake. If you are a heavy smoker and are using a vaping device to substitute for that, you will need to buy at least an e-liquid with 35 mg of nicotine salt. But if your vaping device can support sub-ohm coil resistances, you can use 3 mg to 6 mg of nicotine. But you should be careful not to use nicotine salts in sub-ohm or high wattage devices as these salts have a much higher nicotine concentration than regular freebase nicotine.

3. Bottle Size: An e-liquid can come in varying sizes like 30 ml, 60ml, 120 ml and others. Now depending upon your location, the bottle size will vary. For example, In the European Union, TPD requirements mandate that the size of e-liquid bottles be limited to 10mL. The TPD requirements also restrict the vape tank capacity to 2ml. If you want a premium feel, then you can try using a glass bottle for a premium look and feel. But they can be expensive, so be careful about them when purchasing one.

While glass bottles may offer you a luxurious feel, it may not be easy to fill once the e-liquid is exhausted. New-age squeeze bottles are much easier to fill than these glass ones. Also, squeeze plastic bottles are essentially lightweight and nimble due to their very nature, and they do not break easily. You can learn more about the latest technologies and designs that help you elevate your vaping experiences.

4. Compatibility: If you purchase a vaping device and use it in sub-ohm settings, then mind it that the e-liquid will evaporate faster and hence you will run out of juice frequently. While on the other hand, if you use a higher resistance tank, then it will take more time to burn through the e-liquid. Also, check to see the vaping device-specific instructions regarding the usage of certain types of e-liquids.

For example, certain vape coils do not allow nicotine salt added e-liquids to be used with their vaping devices, requiring a higher ohm coil resistance. Hence it is always a prudent concept to check with your device-specific compatibility before committing to buy an expensive e-liquid.


While there might be many vaping e-liquids available in the market, you might want to check what particular product suits you and hence buy only that. Certain e-liquids are not suitable for certain people who have some allergies or others. So, in that case, before buying a vaping liquid, ask your doctor about it.

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