3 Casino Themed Books to Read 2022

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The world’s greatest leaders have often emphasized the importance of reading books. Many of these men and women have achieved greatness by reading books that force you to think and analyze. 

But books can also be a source of entertainment. There are also books that combine entertainment with learning, such as Asimov’s books on science fiction. Many people also prefer books on sports, films, history, and other topics. 

Readers can also pick up casino-themed books for unwinding. Some of these, such as The Gambler, have been penned by all-time literary greats like Dostoevsky. Read along to find out more about casino-themed books. 

The Gambler – Fyodor Dostoevsky 

Published in 1867, ‘The Gambler’ tells us about Alexie, a gambler. He wants to seduce Polina, the mother of his students, but Polina has no feelings for Alexie as she is the mistress of another man! 

Meanwhile, Polina’s stepfather tries to win the favor of a Frenchwoman, Blanche. But Blanche is disinterested, and only approaches him after blowing all the money she receives from Alexie. All the while, Blanche has been trying to seduce our gambler for money! 

Dostoevsky is also known for his book, Crime and Punishment. 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson 

This 1971 book is a comic account of what happened in America during the 1960s. 

Narrated by the writer, ‘Fear and Loathing’ tells us what happens when he and his friend visit Las Vegas to ‘check it out’. Many academics consider this book the definitive guide on how the country changed. Goodreads says ‘Fear and Loathing’ is the best story of the drug-soaked American culture. At the same time, this book also explores the failures of the American society in the 1960s. 

The book’s author, Thompson, had an interesting life. While working as an airman, Thompson also authored articles for many magazines and newspapers. Gambling can be both fun and dangerous, as detailed in Tyler Nals’ exciting book. 

The Dark Side of the Felt – Tyler Nals 

Published in July 2014, The Dark Side of the Felt explores the journeys of a gambler in the underground rooms in Long Island and Charlotte. This book uses drama and humor to tell us this story and, with unique storytelling techniques, the book successfully draws the reader into the story. You get so immersed in it that it makes you want to learn more about poker, the casino industry and all the different game types that come with it such as roulette, blackjack, and slot games like immortal romance.   

Tyler Nals is an accomplished poker player himself. He has shared his deep insights into the game with his several books available on Goodreads and other platforms. 


If you’re still looking for more, there are more gambling-themed books that have thrilled us. Some of these are ‘A Rogue by Another Name’ and ‘Tishomingo Blues’. These gripping works of fiction explore the human tendency to addiction, our society’s faults, and its resilience.  

Some of these works, such as Fear and Loathing, have been turned into super-hit Hollywood films. Books also sharpen our minds and help us analyze things. In fact, many thought leaders have encouraged us to read books to become better versions of ourselves.

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