Culture crossovers: How casinos differ around the world

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Not every casino is like the ones you have seen in James Bond or Ocean’s Eleven films. In fact, depending on where in the world a casino is located, its entire culture, aesthetic and practices can be unique.  

Although there are many similarities between all casinos – including the games played – the differences in casino culture can also be rather striking. Keep reading to learn how casinos differ around the world.   


While gambling is prohibited in China, it is allowed in Macau, which is an autonomous region on the south coast of China. Macau is a very small region, and its population is just over half a million people, but it has an interesting history which gives its casinos a unique cultural flare.  

Macau has a colonial past and visitors may be surprised to find Portuguese architecture and food alongside more traditional Chinese offerings and buildings. Alongside older, historical buildings are tall skyscrapers and modern shopping mall complexes, some of which even have Venetian canals running through them.  

As one might expect, the casinos themselves are incredibly glamorous and grand. They are also huge and can accommodate thousands of people at once. Anyone planning a trip to Macau to gamble, should make time to enjoy the city’s food and history and be prepared to spend time in a glamorous locale.  


Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and has a definite frontier mentality. Visitors to casinos in Canada will likely be able to pick up on this distinctly Canadian vibe because many of the brick-and-mortar casinos there are exceptionally large and have a “no holds barred” sort of atmosphere.  

One of the largest casinos in Canada is Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino in Ontario, which sprawls over 9,200 square meters and includes over 2,200 slot machine games, 14 poker tables and 80 other table games. Believe it or not, this is only one of the top three casinos in Canada and not even the biggest of the bunch.  

As with many other places around the world, many Canadians are also starting to gamble online. There are now many different real money online casino Canada options for Canadian players and visitors to Canada, who all appreciate the convenience, ease and comfort which online gambling affords.  

United Kingdom 

The gambling culture in the UK is a mix of extremes. There are the extremely fancy and glamorous casinos such as the Hippodrome in London and there are luxury horse racing events which are attended by celebrities and minor royals, however, there are also run-down bookmaker shops in every small town and arguably somewhat grim slot machine games in many a dark and dirty British pub.  

That being said, it is possible to find a comfortable middle ground for gamblers to enjoy without either worrying about being underdressed or worried about something sticking to shoes. There are a number of large, friendly and professional casinos around the UK which have a wide selection of slot machine games and card tables available. Gamblers who prefer the comfort of their own homes can also stay in and gamble thanks to the rise in online casinos.  

Online casinos: The great leveler  

One interesting aspect to note is that online casinos do not necessarily have the same level of cultural specificity. This is hardly surprising to netizens who are familiar with various online platforms, but it is still interesting that online casinos have not needed to change their aesthetic, messaging or themes to attract individuals from different cultures.  

The proof that this is the case lies in the fact that many of the biggest online casinos offer their platforms in up to 15+ different, global languages. The major differences in the various versions of an online casino mostly have to do with the types of payment methods and processors available as some are location specific.  

Interest in online gambling is growing every year and currently shows no signs of slowing down. It is possible that online gambling will become so popular that brick-and-mortar casinos may start trying to emulate the aesthetics and play experience of online games.  

As gamblers become more and more accustomed to a culture-free online gambling experience, they may expect a similar experience in physical casinos. That being said, the market could just as easily go in an opposite direction and gamblers may expect physical casinos to start delivering experiences which are completely different from what they can find online.  

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