Only a Bingo call away… numbers 1 – 30

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When we think of Bingo, a few things spring to mind; the colourful daubers, the excitement of shouting “HOUSE”, and the funny names some callers give the numbers they are calling. 

Over the years we have seen many Bingo calls called out within British Bingo halls, with some standing the test of time and others being replaced with new sayings to suit current affairs and modern pop culture. With this in mind, we wanted to take a little look at some of the Bingo calls that are circling the British halls, for numbers 1 – 30. 

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  1. Kelly’s Eye – This is a military slang pun, with some saying it’s a reference to Ned Kelly’s helmet, on which the eye slot resembles the number one. 
  1. One Little Duck – If you squint your eyes, you might notice how the number two resembles that of a duck. When this is called, many players reply to the caller with a single ‘quack’. 
  1. Cup of Tea – Simply because it rhymes with three. 
  1. Knock at the Door – Playing homage to the nursery rhyme “one, two, buckle my shoe, three, four, knock on the door…” 
  1. Man Alive – Rhymes with five. 
  1. Half a Dozen – A dozen is twelve, half of a dozen is six. Also sometimes called as “Tom Mix”, which is Cockney rhyme for six 
  1. Lucky – The number seven is often associated with being ‘lucky’. 
  1. Garden Gate – Rhymes with eight. The number eight is also sometimes referred to as “one fat lady” because number 88 is known as two fat ladies. 
  1. Brighton Line – Homage to the rail line from London Victoria and London Bridge to Brighton. Also known as “Doctor’s orders” as number nine was the name given to a laxative pill issued by army doctors in World War II.  
  1. (Current Prime Minister’s first name)’s Den – Pays homage to 10 Downing Street. 
  1. Legs Eleven – Refers to the number eleven resembling a pair of legs. 
  1. One Dozen – Reference to 12 of something being a dozen. 
  1. Unlucky for Some – Reference to 13 being deemed an ‘unlucky’ number for some. 
  1. Valentine’s Day – Refers to Valentine’s Day being on the 14th February. 
  1. Young and Keen – Rhymes with 15. 
  1. Never been Kissed – Plays homage to the song ‘Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed’. Also known as “Sweet 16”  referring to birthday celebrations when reaching 16. 
  1. Dancing Queen – Refers to the ABBA song ‘Dancing Queen’, which mentions being 17 in the lyrics. 
  1. Coming of Age – Refers to the ‘coming of age’ threshold in the UK. 
  1. Goodbye Teens – As 19 is the last year of someone’s teenage years. 
  1. One Score – A reference to 20 units to one score. 
  1. Key of the Door – The more traditional age of reaching adulthood. Also sometimes called as “Royal Salute”, paying homage to the 21-gun salute. 
  1. Two Little Ducks – the number two resembles that of a duck. When this is called, many players reply to the caller saying “quack, quack, quack”. 
  1. The Lord is My Shepard – The first words of Psalm 23 of the Old Testament. Also known as “Thee and Me, which rhymes with 23. 
  1. Two Dozen – 12 of something makes a dozen, so 21 makes two dozen.  
  1. Duck and Dive – Rhymes with 25. 
  1. Half a Crown – Pays homage previous currency of the UK. 

Pick and Mix – Rhymes with 26. 

  1. Duck and a Crutch – Number 2 looks like a duck and number 7 looks like a crutch. Often also called as “Gateway to Heaven” as this rhymes with 27. 
  1. In a State – ‘Two and Eight’ is rhyming slang for ‘state’. Also sometimes known as “Overweight as this rhymes with 28. 
  1. Rise and Shine – Rhymes with 29. 
  1. Dirty Gertie – A nickname for someone called Gertrude and the statue La Delivrance in North London in 1972. The saying was then reinforced in a song sung by soldiers in World War II. 

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