What is California’s Stance on iGaming?

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California might just be among the strictest states when it comes to their gambling laws. Apart from Utah, where gambling in all its forms is completely prohibited, all of the USA’s states have some form of legal gambling. Within Californian borders, this includes card rooms, Indian casinos, horse racing, the lottery, and charitable gaming. But, in the 21st century, when most of us live our lives online just as much of offline, how has California adapted? 

What is Online Gambling? 

Online gambling is the newest form of gambling, developed in the 21st century. Nowadays, there is nary a person alive who does not own a computer, a telephone, or some other device with online access. So, it isn’t all that surprising to learn that most gamblers have embraced the online gambling phenomenon.  

In the late 20th century, online poker rooms became all the rage. And it wouldn’t take long for these websites to reach mainstream success, and develop into something more. And thus the online casino was introduced to the general public. Nowadays, all of the most popular games from casinos can be accessed online. Whether that be slots, blackjack, roulette or poker, gamblers have no trouble accessing these games from the comfort of their own home. At least in the places where online gambling is legal. 

As with any new phenomenon, a lot of people are skeptical. It is for this reason, that online gambling is prohibited in quite a few of the US’s states. So, what is California’s policy regarding iGaming? Let’s find out. 

California Stance on iGaming? 

Unfortunately, as is the case with most of the US, California has completely prohibited online gambling. Residents of California are only allowed to gamble in one of five ways. They can either access licensed cardrooms, place wagers on horse racing, visit an Indian casino, or volunteer at gaming events for charity. All of these, apart from the Indian casinos, are regulated by the Californian Gambling Control Commission. 

We realize that this kind of news might be disappointing for many prospective online gamblers. However, there is still hope for online gambling in California. 

The Future of iGaming in California 

With the rising popularity of online gambling and sports betting in the world, quite a few countries and states are beginning to revise their stance on the iGaming phenomenon. It is this new interest that has spurned the Californian government to introduce a proposition, which would legalize online sports betting in California. The proposition allows for “qualified gaming entities” to step into contract with an online platform provider. For now, the proposition demands that the online platforms pay a $10 million license fee and the qualified gaming entities will be required to pay $100 million licensing fees.  

The proposition may seem unfair at first glance. However, online platform providers and gamblers are quite excited for the vote, which will come in November of 2022. Hopes are high that Californian citizens will vote to legalize the practice in the state, as this development might have significant impact on iGaming legality all over the country. 

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