Handicap Betting

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In Europe and North America, physical casinos are losing appeal within the gambling scene however in the case of Asia physical casinos are still largely popular. Online gambling is becoming more and more popular in both Europe and Asia especially when it comes to sports betting. Like many things, sports betting in Europa and Asia has some key differences to them. One of the main differences in sports betting in Europe and Asia is handicap betting. 

What is Handicap Betting? 

If you are familiar with sports betting, you probably know a thing or two about handicap betting. Handicaps are used in practically all sports; however, they are most seen in global sports like football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and tennis. European and Asian handicaps are the most common and basic type of handicaps, but some players still seem to be unfamiliar with them. In this short guide, we will be exploring the main differences of Asian and European handicap betting to assist you to understand these two markets better.  

Handicap Betting and Bonuses 

A good number of operators provides betting bonuses that can be used on handicap betting. Like casino first deposit bonuses, first betting bonuses in Europe very quiet a lot from those provided by Asian bookmakers. This official website explains all about casino and betting bonuses. 

European Handicaps  

The European Handicap, sometimes known as the three-way handicap, is comparable to its Asian version but considerably easier to understand. It involves giving the underdog an edge or points by giving them a ‘lead’ at the start of the game, or a ‘penalty’ to the stronger team. Before the commencement of an event, these points are added or withdrawn. After the ultimate outcome of the match is adjusted based on the handicap you bet on, your bet wins or loses. In contrast to Asian handicap betting, European handicap betting uses entire numbers instead of non-integral numbers. It also works in the same way as 1X2 betting does. 

For example, Liverpool is facing Tottenham at home, and they have a 100 percent probability of winning. With several goals that Liverpool must surpass to be regarded the winner, the European handicap will favor the underdogs which are Tottenham in this case.  

If the European handicap is set at three goals, Liverpool will only be deemed the winners if they win by more than three goals, regardless of the result of the match. As a result, bets for Tottenham will win even if the team loses by less than three goals. If Liverpool meets the handicap and wins by precisely three goals, the game will be ruled a draw. 

Asian Handicaps  

If you’re looking for something different than 1×2, the Asian handicap betting market is ideal. In essence, Asian handicap includes assigning a goal handicap to the stronger team and a goal head start to the weaker one. To win a bet, you must back the team with the greater score, considering their respective handicaps or benefits. 

The purpose of an Asian handicap is to ensure that a game does not end in a tie. As a result, by eliminating the possibility of a tie, you will only have two options: wager on the home or away team. 

Which Handicap is better?  

While some gamblers prefer European handicaps, Asian handicaps are gaining popularity because they only need you to weigh two possibilities. However, picking which Handicap to use comes down to what works best for you and where you can make the most money. 

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