Top real money poker variants you can play online

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One of the reasons that poker is so popular is that there are as many variations to the game as there are cards in a deck, maybe more. Year on year there is considerable growth in the poker industry with more and more players joining the online tables each year. Notably, there are over 100 million people playing poker online.  

Before we dive into the various variants of this game, you should understand that there are three different types of poker games which are played at online casinos for real money in the USA. First, we have the “Draw Poker” which allows the players to draw additional cards to try and improve their current hand. Next, “Stud Poker” have players reveal some of their cards, giving the other players valuable information on their opponent’s hand. In the “Community Card” type of game, players need to combine their own cards with that of the shared cards to form a hand. 

Texas Hold’em 

This variance of poker is probably the best-known and most played out there at the moment. Texas Hold’em is presumed to be one of the easier variations of the game to learn, but that being said, you will spend a lifetime to master. 

In this version, the dealer places three community cards facedown in the middle of the table while each player receives two cards. It is up to the players to ‌make the best hand possible using all five cards that they have at their disposal. During the round, you have four betting opportunities available, Pre-flop, Flop, Turn and the River. During each of the betting rounds, you can either bet or surrender. 


This is another community card game just like Texas Hold’em where the dealer places cards on the table for the players to use in making a hand. However, unlike Texas Hold’em where you receive two cards, in Omaha, you receive four cards. From the four cards that you have available in your hand, you are only allowed to use two cards to form a hand.  

Seven-Card Stud 

This variation of the poker game has presumably been around since the American Civil war and as the name suggest is of the Stud variety where the player must reveal some of their cards.  

This game is played with seven cards and is limited to a maximum of eight players due to a deck of cards having 52 cards. The round begins with each player placing an Ante bet, after which the dealer gives each player two face-down and one face-up card. The player with the lowest face-up card has to pay the bring-in bet. In the Seven-Card Stud game, Aces are high which means that the lowest possible card is a two. At each round the player with the strongest card will be the first to bet, this will continue until the seventh card is dealt. 

Five Card Draw 

One of the most widely played poker games is Five Card Draw. This game is mostly played at home or online but not much in brick-and-mortar casinos. This game is usually limited t just six players, due to the number of cards that they will need to draw. Five Card Draw begins with the dealer giving each player five cards to start off. Once the initial round is complete, the players have a chance to discard some of the cards in their hand, for hopefully better cards. After the players all drew their cards, they will have a final chance to bet, after which they need to show their hands.  


This version of poker is pretty much the same as Seven-Card Stud, it follows the same betting structure and also has two face-down cards and one face-up card. However, in this game, the lowest hand wins rather than the highest.  


Having looked at just a few of the popular poker variants, you should probably consider that there are many more out there. You would do well to try some of these poker games out before playing for real money, mostly to learn the rules. There is many free version available online with which to familiarise yourself. 

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