The Most Prestigious Worldwide iGaming Events

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The iGaming community is almost everywhere all over the world but they still have a close relationship with each other. It makes people wonder about the secret of this inseparable community; one of the answers is iGaming events. These are events that converge everyone with common interests from all over the world.  

In these events, they discuss several ways they can make the industry move forward. And every member takes it seriously. If you check enthusiasts, you will find that they have iGaming events calendar properly marked out with all those they plan to attend. Perhaps you are also interested in attending these events to see for yourself what makes them stand out? Look no further because in this overview, we will discuss some of the most prestigious ones in the industry.  


Sigma is a global annual iGaming event that takes place in several locations globally. It is tagged the World’s Gaming Festivals and takes place across five different continents yearly namely: Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, and CIS countries. This conference unites several important personalities and brands in the industry and it unites both B2B and B2C parties.  

Most importantly, SiGMA is not for only individuals. Several game providers, casino operators, affiliates, media teams, sportsbook operators, media teams, iGaming solution platforms, and other parties are in attendance. This event differs a lot from others because it sets a light tone for visitors; it gives you the perfect leverage to network, forge new relationships, learn new things, and most importantly, have fun!  

iGB Live!  

iGB Live! is an iGaming event that welcomes several personalities to Amsterdam at least once a year. This event keeps setting new attendance records yearly and we can attribute it to the sponsorship from iGaming Business Magazine—one of the most prestigious media in the industry. IGB Live! welcomes anyone interested in knowing the affairs of the industry so it is not uncommon to see both large and small-scale businesses in attendance.  

iGB Live! is a type of event to help you forge new connections with providers, operators, sportsbooks, developers, entrepreneurs, and even investors. One thing about IGB Live! is that it greatly recognizes affiliates—a very underrated part of the industry. Apart from the major conference, they have another event called iGaming Affiliate Amsterdam, which is dedicated to just affiliates.  

SBC Summit 

SBC Summit is a large event that takes place in North America, Barcelona, Europe, and CIS Countries. Of all the installments of the conference, the North American version tends to be the largest and most visited. It specializes in the online gaming and betting industry around Canada and the US.  

This event is large and it sees over 1000 operators, 3000+ delegates, more than 50 exhibitors, and over 200 speakers. SBC Summits give you leverage on networking because of the high-profile persons in attendance. Among the speakers, you will see CEOs and heads of operators address you on the workings of the industry. There is no better place to learn about how the industry works than in an SBC Summit!  

ICE London 

ICE London is an iGaming event that sees the attendance of several industry experts who are willing to share their innovations. This conference emphasizes global networking so they allow you to meet seniors and professionals. ICE London has a platform specially dedicated to connecting with others as soon as you register for the event. That is how serious the organizers take networking and you won’t find that elsewhere.  

ICE London also gives you a perfect avenue to learn and discover new things you never knew existed in the industry. They also discuss the challenges that businesses face in the industry alongside several ways to overcome them. And most importantly, you will learn how to utilize opportunities effectively.  

Global Gaming Expo (G2E)  

Global Gaming Expo is a prestigious iGaming conference where you get to connect with people, learn about innovations, discover new products, and share ideas that will drive the industry forward. One thing we love about this event is the exhibits; several new products and tech will be on display and you can try them out! G2E is home to several product launches and showcases so you can be one of the first to play these games before the rest of the world.  

G2E also takes care of educating and enlightening those who are truly interested in learning through interactive webinars. Everyone looks forward to this event because it takes care of everyone.  

Other notably prestigious iGaming events include: 

  • Gamescom 
  • London Affiliate Conference 
  • G-Star 

Wrap Up 

iGaming events have been in vogue for ages and they are not going away anytime soon. Asides from the obvious advantages it presents, it also helps to build your social skills. And if you haven’t attended one before, you can start from any of the prestigious ones we mentioned; we guarantee that you will have a good time! 

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