The Rise of Online Casinos in Japan

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Japan and the iGaming market have an unclear relationship. For years, Japanese culture and societal values have been known as unsupporting of the games of luck. Hence the laws of this country aren’t in favor of gambling. However, there have been reports of underground land-based casinos. 

Also, since international online casinos offer their services to Japanese players, they’ve been joining them more frequently. This shows that people are looking for a casino gaming experience and the best way to get it without breaking the law is through online casinos.

Japan Gambling Laws and Online Casinos

As a conservative country, Japan is governed accordingly. Gambling has always been seen as an illegal activity by law. If it’s a game of luck, then it’s illegal. However, if it’s considered skill-based, like Pachinko, then it’s legal. Also, the government allows people to bet on sport-related events and the lotto to generate income for the state. 

In 2016, things slightly changed when the government adjusted gambling laws, allowing several land-based casinos to open. That’s taking its own time, and it’s easier to sign up for the readily available online casinos that offer many games and generous bonuses. Hence the rise in the number of Japanese presence on online betting platforms.

The Best Online Casino for Japanese

Many casinos cater to Japanese players and haven’t been blocked by the government from operating in Japan. One casino that seems to be highly favored in the country is Vera John, Japan. It’s a licensed online casino site with the necessary security measures to protect customer funds and data.

You can enjoy over 2,000 games, including slots, table games, and jackpots. Most featured slots have a high RTP, and the site is mobile-compatible. Not only is online gambling convenient, but it also offers great promotions, many games, and several payment methods. Plus, you can also easily access them through mobile devices and computers.

The Future of Online Casinos in Japan

A substantial number of Japanese players enjoy online gambling. The number is unclear since it hasn’t yet been legalized in the country. Adjusting gambling laws in the country shows that the government recognizes the need for this entertainment among its citizens. Also, it’s losing out on the funds generated by the online gambling market because people get this service outside of the country. 

The negative impact of online gambling on Japan’s economy could force the government to legalize it. At the same time, it’s possible to completely restrict even international online casinos from operating in the country to maintain their cultural values. We aren’t sure which option the government will eventually go with in the future, but we hope it picks one that’s in agreement with people’s needs. 

Our Verdict

There’s no doubt that there are casino players in Japan. Hence online casinos cater to this country. Whether the laws ease into the idea of online betting, there’ll always be a way for people to get what they enjoy. Online gambling has opened the gate to the entertaining world of casinos for the Japanese. The government might as well pull their chairs and join in the table games. 

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