Best Mentalist in the World

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If there’s one thing we all love is a mentalist that knows how to put on a show.  One that leaves you hanging in anticipation and that can make you think!  Are they supernatural or just highly skilled at manipulating the mind?  Here we list some of the best mentalists in the world and our final choice!

Derren Brown

Derren Brown is a man that needs no introduction!  He is not only famous for his live shows where he leaves his audience in amazement, but his TV specials.  One of the most infamous being where he could predict the lottery numbers!  Other classics included persuading people to steal £100,000, beats the casinos and horse race tracks – and perhaps one of the funniest being when he managed to stick the audience to the sofa on TV!

Uri Geller

Uri Geller has been a little quieter of late, but he was one of the most famous mentalists in the world.  He was once described as the “most interesting man in Israel” for some of his activities.  What we all remember about Uri Geller however is the illusion where he can bend a spoon with mind control.  That alone made this mentalist a household name. 

David Blaine

David Blaine definitely knows how to capture an audience’s attention.  He completed a 44 day starvation challenge with only water for sustenance.  Not only that, but he also was underwater for 7 whole days!  Both of those acts made him one of the most famous men in the UK and people are still baffled to this day as to how he managed it. 

The Amazing Kreskin

The amazing kreskin was popular with audiences since the 1970’s – and some may say he paved the way for other more modern mentalists to get their chances on primetime TV.  He still appears on CNN and Fox, but one of his most famous acts is when he lets the audience hide his pay cheque!  He once found it in the upper bridge in the inside of a man’s mouth.

Lior Suchard

Lior Suchard is absolutely in our mind one of the best mentalists the world has ever seen, and the most famous.  He had a fantastic appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden, and completely stole the show.  His big act was to ask everyone in the audience to draw a picture. He then “influenced” them all to draw a star.  It spooked some of the other guests so much they ran off the stage.  He has got some A-list celebrity fans such as Stevie Wonder, Barbara Streisand, Kim Kardashian and more.  He has even performed in front of Drake, and completed his mentalism tricks at the Eurovision Song Contest.  Ever wondered who the best mentalist in the world is?  Hopefully this list will give you a much better idea.  You definitely should see Lior Suchard if you ever get the chance.

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