Money Saving Tips and Tricks for Budget Travelers

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You don’t have to go beyond your means to have a great trip. There are ways to save every step of the way, and usually, these money-saving tips don’t mean you’ll be taking away from your trip experience. Knowing how to save, how to budget, and where to go can take any trip to the next level.

Enjoy the Scenery

One of the best and cheapest ways to enjoy any destination is to enjoy the scenery. From city streets to the natural scenery nearby, these views are among the top highlights of any trip. Some of the best things to do in Portland, for example, are outside, with hikes that take you through waterfalls all the way to the mountains.

Seeing things we aren’t used to up close, and soaking in that atmosphere, is the best way to enjoy being somewhere else – and it’s free!

Be Aware of Free Days and Discounts to Top Attractions

Many attractions like museums offer free entrance days. Portland’s free day, for example, is the first Thursday of the month. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind being around crowds, go on one of these days and plan your trip accordingly. For the best experience, aim to get to your attraction as soon as it opens, as it will fill up around mid-day.

This tip applies to any attraction, though keep in mind that it’s more likely that you’ll find discounts instead of free entry to some destinations. One of the best discounts for tourists is city passes that give you entrance to all the museums for a single fee, or alternatively, give you discounts on tickets.

Know the Cheapest Way to Get Around

Public transportation is usually the cheapest way to get around, but even then, there will be ways to save. In cities like Portland it’s straightforward as Trimet has a flat-fare system that gives you access to any of their services for 2.5 hours per ticket. In other cities, like Washington DC, getting a travel card is how you can save since paper tickets cost an additional $1 each.

Be Aware of Markets and Events

Some of the best ways to improve your trip is to visit events and markets. Do keep in mind, however, that these are time-sensitive. In Portland, the first Thursday of the month doesn’t just mean free entry to museums but is also a day when you can expect markets and special events throughout the city. One of the most popular? The Pearl District, which closes down to auto traffic and becomes a hub of vendors, artists, and entertainers.

Compare Costs for Accommodation

When it comes to saving on accommodation, you will need to cross-compare. Hotels are now becoming as affordable as Airbnb’s used to be. To help you determine which option is the most affordable, consider the overall cost, the cost of food, and the cost of transportation. Many hotel chains have their own membership program and special deals as well, so you may be able to get a better rate overall than a vacation home. Or alternatively, you may find a vacation home to be the more affordable option for your group size. The point is to no longer assume and work out all costs associated with each option.

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