Top Six Places to Visit in Santa Clarita Valley

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When people visit Southern California, they likely focus on exploring Los Angeles. The city is world-famous, has a lot to offer, and can keep a person entertained for weeks.

Even if you hope to spend time in LA exploring the best shopping places in the US, you may want to venture out of the city. A trip to Santa Clarita Valley is most definitely worthwhile when you are in the Los Angeles area, as you can experience another aspect of Southern California culture.

Between the charming landscapes, friendly locals, entertaining establishments, and historical landmarks, you will find a great deal to enjoy in Santa Clarita Valley. We have put together a list that should help you plan your next vacation to Southern California. Below are the top six places to visit in the Santa Clarita Valley area.

1. Six Flags Magic Mountain

The number one reason people visit the Santa Clarita area is to experience the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park at least once in their lives. A giant 210-acre park around 40 miles away from downtown Los Angeles, this is one of the largest Six Flags locations in the country.

With over 20 roller coasters, Magic Mountain still holds the record for the most roller coasters out of any other amusement park in the world. Depending on seasonal trends, the park manages anywhere from 2 to 4 million visitors per year.

Featuring rides such as X2, Tatsu, Goliath, The Classic Revolution, Full Throttle, Riddler’s Revenge, and Superman: Escape from Krypton, there is something for everyone at Magic Mountain.

Even if you are not a thrill seeker, there are smaller rides and fun experiences for everyone. Not every adventure at Magic Mountain is an extreme ride.

What makes the trip even better is that when you are done thrill-seeking, you only need to get in your car or an Uber to head to your next activity. Perhaps you may feel the need to engage in a bit of retail therapy.

2. Westfield Century City

Between Westfield Century City, FIGat7th, and The Grove, there are plenty of upscale malls where you can explore stores or find that one item you have been seeking for some time.

Westfield Century City is an excellent option for shopping in the Santa Clarita / Los Angeles area. The mall boasts two levels, 1.3 million square feet, and a combination of indoor and outdoor shopping spaces. Conveniently located on Santa Monica Boulevard in LA, there are close to 200 different stores open at the mall. Between Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and boutique stores, you can surely shop there for hours.

3. The Gentle Barn

Located only 40 miles from Los Angeles, The Gentle Barn is a charming rural location that serves as a sanctuary for animals and those who wish to engage with them.

Visitors can interact with the animals in a safe environment, brushing the cows, feeding carrots to the horses, giving belly rubs to the pigs, and petting the goats.

4. Placerita Canyon Nature Center

Placerita Canyon State Park is one of the many state parks in California. Open throughout the year, Placerita Canyon State Park is a charming spot in the Santa Clarita area featuring oak woodlands, seasonal streams, and chaparral-covered slopes.

There are animal exhibits, equestrian staging areas, hiking trails, museums, gift shops, bird walks, horseback riding, and nature walks that you can experience alone, with your partner, or with the whole family.

5. Towsley Canyon Park

While visiting areas such as Six Flags can be a lot of fun for the whole family, you may want to take a break from rollercoasters and bustling crowds. Towsley Canyon Park is the perfect place to take a step back, relax, and unwind on your family vacation.

The park has a beautiful creek that runs through it, and you can also check out the various hiking trails, scenic views, and other activities. The area is perfect for beginner and intermediate hikers, with the park close enough to the main roads that it should not take too long to get there.

6. Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio

Very few people visit the south of California without wanting to pay tribute to the motion picture industry. If you are spending a few days in the Santa Clarita Valley area, you may want to check out Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio.

The ranch, initially set up in 2001 as a museum, is a beautiful landscape where you can check out the area’s natural beauty. Aside from exploring the countryside, you can check out the movie memorabilia collected here for the past couple of decades.

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