California Credit Union’s 2023 Summer Internship Offering

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California Credit Union is giving a great internship opportunity for local seniors about to graduate high school as well as college students for the summer of 2023. This opportunity falls within the 60.8% of internships throughout the country where they pay their interns during their tenure.

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About California Credit Union

California Credit Union is a local nonprofit banking institution that has been in business for the past 90 years giving its members top-notch financial services. With 24 credit union branches throughout the local area and about 30,000 ATMs in the world where you can withdraw funds from your California Credit Union account, access to their financial services is plentiful.

Steve O’Connell is the current CEO of California Credit Union. Upon interviewing, he stated that he is elated to open this opportunity to the local students of Santa Clarita Valley. They can begin to learn different applications of what it’s like to work at a credit union and apply mathematics, socialization skills, and other concepts learned from their coursework.

Now, the credit union wants to give back to its community and help the youth to ascertain career opportunities that can propel them forward to a prosperous life.

How Many Internship Positions Are Available?

According to California Credit Union’s website on their career section, there are three intern positions open at their institution. Applications will be accepted until April 15, 2023. Students should act now in finalizing their applications with crisp, refined resumes and stellar cover letters to set themselves apart from their fellow peers also vying for one of these three internship opportunities.

All internship opportunities require a full-time schedule of Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm local time. Compensation is $18 per hour.

Electronic Services Intern

The Electronic Services Intern will assist the electronic services team on tasks such as:

  • Approving credit union members for debit cards and credit cards.
  • Resolving and disputing manners involving electronic funds transfers.
  • Helping to balance on-site ATMs as needed.
  • Support different positions throughout the electronic services department or others as needed.

Accounting Intern

The Accounting Intern will assist the accounting department in the capacity of the following duties:

  • Conduct account reconciliations under the guidance of professional accountants at the credit union.
  • Creating electronic journal entries to properly capture the credit union’s expenditures.
  • Learn about how to conduct accounts payable tasks for the institution.
  • Support other needs in the accounting department or others as needed.

Real Estate Intern

The Real Estate Intern will assist California Credit Union’s real estate department in the following manners:

  • Correctly working with Recorded Deeds of Trust.
  • Conduct quality-control checks of the credit union’s funded loans.
  • See Final Title Policies through to completion.
  • Collaborate with the credit union’s funders.
  • Work with Balancing Disclosures.
  • Support other needs in the real estate department or others as needed.


Interning at the credit union could enhance your career if you are interested in accounting, finance, or real estate. Follow the link in the above section to get started on your internship application today!

If you are reading this after the application period has expired, keep an eye out for next year’s job postings to see if they host the internships again!

It’s always good to have a backup plan. If you are interested in more internships throughout Santa Clarita Valley, apply as an intern for the city! If you are a graduate student, undergrad, or currently enrolled in the local Career Technical Education program, you have the opportunity to apply for one either of these year-round internship offerings.

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