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Desert Tire/Trash Clean-Up Day @ Neenach Market & Cafe
Apr 28 @ 7:00 am

Desert Tire/Trash Clean-Up Day, 7 a.m.

What:  Volunteers needed for Desert Clean-up Day. We will break into groups, half going to Zanobia Rd and the Quail Lake illegal dump site,  and the other half to Fairmont. Hopefully a few more volunteers with pickups or a trailer are needed for hauling. Tires collected will be recycled at the L.A. County Yard in Quartz Hill on L8. Please wear boots, blue jeans and gloves. Long sleeve work shirts preferable. 7 a.m. meet for breakfast at Neenach Market & Cafe,  22847 W Ave D, Lancaster. Volunteers will be treated to breakfast by the Oso Town Council.

More info: Jeff Zimmerman, epn409@gmail.com

Photo courtesy of Jeff Zimmerman 040318.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Zimmernan 040318
Photo courtesy of Jeff Zimmerman 040318.