2017 Top 51: The Next Level

Welcome to the 2017 Top 51: The Next Level awards, The Signal’s way of honoring those who help to better our community through their actions, good deeds and overall collaboration with those in the Santa Clarita Valley.



Nominees shall be selected on the basis of their involvement in the community, not necessarily how influential they are.

Through their volunteerism, professional business activities, nonprofit work or other community engagement, these people help move the Santa Clarita Valley forward by helping to make it a great place to live, not only now, but in the future.

Nominees are required to live in the Santa Clarita Valley and cannot have won in previous Top 51 contests prior to the 2016 Top 51. However, if the person was a nominee or a winner in the 2016 contest, they are also eligible this year.

Nominees should be individuals, but can include couples. Organizations and groups do not qualify. No political candidates are eligible.

The Top 51 will be divided into 10 categories with five winners in each category. We will then select No. 1 from the leading contenders in all categories.

The Top 51 nomination categories are:

  • Nonprofits
  • Education
  • Government
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Health Care
  • Volunteerism and Unsung Heroes
  • Hospitality
  • Economic Development
  • Emerging Leaders

Your nomination must be filled out online with clear and concise reasons for why this person is deserving of recognition in the chosen category.

Nominations close on Sept. 12, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.




Michael Fox and Teri Hughes Fox
Scott Schauer
Adam Hatley
Pam Ingram
Mike and Ann-Marie Bjorkman


Economic Development
Bruce Burrows
Steve Kim
Jay Schutz
Todd Stevens
Don Kimball


Emerging Leader
Lindsay Schlick
Alexander Hafizi
Myles McNamara
Nicole Stinson
Amanda Benson


Jasmine Foster
Chef Cindy Schwanke
Sarah Avanessian
Samantha Ford
Bill Bolde


Carrie Lujan
Gregory Hisel
Jeff Preach
Dr. Cherise Moore
Julie Olsen


Robbie Gluckson
Nola Aronson
Dr. Mark Liker
Patrick Moody
Dr. Patrice Rifkind


Sonya Randall
Jennifer Chadwick
Missy Carter
Troy Hooper


Gillian Stone
Cheryl Grey
Matt Nelson
Richard Cohn
Tom Dierckman


Jason Vasquez
Corey Quinn
James Temple
Marv Quon
Matt R. Cook


Volunteerism/Unsung Heroes
Pegah Hunt
Thomas Iland
Kim Kurowski
John Torres
Scott J. Burdatt