Advertising in Santa Clarita

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal uses a variety of methods to target your ideal audience in a high impact consumer environment.

Whether your objective is to launch a new product or service, build brand awareness or drive traffic in store or online, The Signal delivers a quality audience by utilizing innovative advertising programs.

Through consistent advertising in our online, print, video, audio, direct mail, email and SCV topic-dedicated magazine publications, The Signal can boost your market share and assist in increasing revenue.


Classified Advertising

Classified operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
For placing, changing, and cancelling advertising, deadlines.

(All deadlines are subject to change for holidays.)
11 a.m. Friday for Tuesday
11 a.m. Monday for Wednesday
11 a.m. Tuesday for Thursday
11 a.m. Wednesday for Friday 
11 a.m. Thursday for Saturday

Contact a Specialist

Maureen Daniels

Multimedia Account Manager


Toni Sims

Multimedia Account Manager


Peter Smith

Multimedia Account Manager


Roni Charlton

Multimedia Account Manager


Jessica Hilton

Advertising Assistant


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