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Stories from Previous Issues

Enjoy the Skyride or the Big Wheel at the California State Fair July 12-28. Photo California State Fair.

It’s California State Fair Time!  

It’s time for a Sacramento road trip! The California State Fair is happening July 12-28. For 170 years the California State Fair has showcased the best of California.  It you’ve

“The summer is when we see homeowners strategizing about how to keep their homes cool and comfortable while sticking to their household budgets,” said Michael Williford, HVAC service manager at Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. Courtesy photo.

7 ways to reduce energy bills during summer heat

With temperatures forecasted to run at least 2 degrees higher than historical averages across more than half the country, according to projections from AccuWeather, heat waves may lead to soaring

According to WebMD, as one ages, stiffness settles into joints more easily. Muscles and tendons may remain in tight positions, further exacerbating movement and potentially affecting one’s motivation to exercise. Courtesy photo.

Regain flexibility after age 50

Flexibility and fitness go hand in hand. Ensuring the body is flexible can help individuals avoid injury during exercise. Yogapedia indicates flexibility refers to the ability of a joint to

For a unique “get out of the heat” vacation, try Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove and its indoor water park. Photo courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove.

Beat the outside heat by playing indoors

While much of the country is sweltering in record breaking heat, for the Santa Clarita Valley, we call it “a regular summer day.”   As the calendar counts down to “real

This 1976 mural, Adventures in Fantasy, depicts a stagecoach pulled by a team of six horses and riding through a valley dotted with scrub oaks. It can be found inside the Old Town Newhall Public Library. Photo courtesy of the city of Santa Clarita.

Explore the city’s public art

In 2009, the Santa Clarita City Council demonstrated its commitment to public art when it founded the Santa Clarita Arts Commission.   The council approved the Arts Master Plan in 2016

According to the National Constitution Center, the Continental Congress approved a resolution declaring its independence from Great Britain on July 2. However, a document still needed to be drafted to explain the decision to the general public. Photo courtesy of Adobe Shutterstock.

Why is Independence Day celebrated on July 4th?

The Continental Congress declared its independence from Great Britain on July 2, 1776. If that date raises an eyebrow, it should. Independence Day in the United States has long been

This 2003 photograph of the reverse of the Declaration shows the identifying inscription written at the bottom edge so it could be read without unrolling the parchment. The many horizontal creases and horizontal and vertical fold lines are clearly visible, as is the engrained dirt, especially along the edge. Photo courtesy of the National Archives.

The history of America’s Independence Day

Few summertime holidays elicit as much excitement as the Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day in the United States.  Each year, family, friends and revelers anticipate the arrival

Summer is a perfect time to make fruit the star of the show, and Fourth of July is no exception.

Enjoy a fruit-infused Fourth of July

As patriotic parties roll on throughout the day and fireworks light up the night, Fourth of July fun calls for favorite snacks that complement the excitement. Whether you’re a pyro

The Santa Barbara Wine Festival on July 19-20 is one of the largest wine festivals in the state and will be held oceanside at Chase Palm Park. Photo courtesy of California Wine Festivals.

Fun in the SoCal Summer Sun!

It’s summer! Longer days, warmer temperatures and plenty of summer fun can be had throughout Southern California. Nothing says summer like outdoor music under the summer sky, day or night,

Lights on the Lake is one of many spectacular Fourth of July celebrations in the Lake Tahoe area. Photo courtesy of Visit Lake Tahoe.

Celebrate California this Fourth of July

The Santa Clarita Valley offers a true “old time Fourth of July celebration” with a pancake breakfast, parade and fireworks, but if you are looking for Fourth of July fun

Book Bites 

Wolf’s Head Bay Book II: The Race for Home by Jeffery Allen Boyd  “Auction?” Richard repeated incredulously. “You mean a—an actual modern-day slave auction—in this country?”  The frightened yet determined

Commune with California’s Diverse Marine Life 

By Visit California  California’s western border is edged by oceans, bays, and other tidal waterways — all populated with their own colorful residents. Depending on the location, you can see

 3 Tips for Fueling Summer Adventures 

(Family Features) Summer is the time to get outside and remember the importance of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed as a family. Encouraging children at an early age to

Attendees watch Spanky and Stymie in the "The Little Rascals" movie on the big screen during the first in the series of five monthly movies at City Cinemas in the Park at Newhall Park in Newhall in June 2023. Dan Watson/The Signal

Ready Set Summer!

The calendar may tell us Summer doesn’t arrive until Thursday, June 20, but everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley knows that Memorial Day Weekend is the “unofficial, official” start of

This Fathers Day, go beyond the tie

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’ve given Dad one too many ties in previous years, let this cool and creative gift guide inspire you to think

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