Jonathan Kraut | On Allegiance and Variations of the Stars and Stripes

Conservatives and Republicans, which may or may not represent the same crowd, seem to have adopted their own flag around which to rally and proclaim allegiance. The Thin Blue Line flag is a modification of Old Glory. You have probably seen this flag in your neighborhood waving proudly on homes

Marsha McLean | A Letter for the 2020 Time Capsule

The following commentary is a planned submission to The Signal’s 2020 time capsule: This is a personal account of my experience with COVID-19 and

David Hegg | The Privilege of Work

By David Hegg  While everyone wants to engage in an employment situation that is satisfying, noble, and even fun, the sad truth is that most

Scott Wilk | EDD Strike Team Exposes Strikeout

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government shutdowns have decimated our state economy. Adding insult to injury is the failure of the Employment Development Department (the

David Hegg | What Will You Do About It?

By David Hegg  Perhaps I am overstating the case, but it sure seems like we are in the throes of a once-in-our-lifetime convergence of disasters.