John Boston

John Boston | My Election Picks & a Chance to be an Idiot Again …

A few years back, I was in the bleachers for one of those backyard political debates. On the Left was a 30-something foppish Disney executive. On the Right? My dopey sister-like substance, Lisa, smarter than a five-figure London business suit.  Lisa kicked the holy crap out of this pontificating liberal. Then, he Went There. He stooped to the predictable Size One

David Hegg

David Hegg | We Need the Badge of Courage

By David Hegg Long before Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion walked the yellow brick road, society understood the absolute necessity of courage. This virtue speaks

Gary Horton

Gary Horton | These Are Real People, Mr. Garcia

Dear Congressman Garcia:  Your Republican leadership is receiving the Senate’s bill for defense of Ukraine, Israel and other security concerns. The radical elements of your

David Hegg

David Hegg | What Winners Look Like

By David Hegg On Sunday, two groups of hard-working men will face off for the top prize in the National Football League. Millions worldwide will

David Hegg

David Hegg | Yes, You Need to Vote

By David Hegg With just over a month until primary elections here in our state, and with November already staring us in the face, it’s