SCV Voices: Jonathan Hatami

Jonathan Hatami | Senseless Tragedy Raises Death Penalty Question

The murder of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, a horrible and senseless tragedy, hits close to home. It has moved many to discuss capital punishment again, something that most of us feel strongly about one way or the other. Where do I stand? I’m not “pro-capital punishment,” but I’m also not “anti-capital punishment.” I’m for respecting the will of the public by

David Hegg

David Hegg | Start Your Future Today

By David Hegg Let’s be honest. At some point, we’re all victims. Life is rough, disappointment is common, tragedy is inescapable, and injustices, both large

Gary Horton

Gary Horton | Do More Service, Less Complaining

The upcoming College of the Canyons Advanced Technology Center is a new program/facility providing state-of-the-art training for the advanced technological skills workers today and in

Gary Horton

Gary Horton | In Praise of Infrastructure

Red tape. Excessive review. Burdensome requirements. We hear it all the time about government review of building projects and developments. A little less so here