David Hegg | The Rest of the Story

I am just old enough to remember one of the all-time great radio newsmen. Every day in his News and Comments, Paul Harvey would bring the news succinctly and with his own cogent analysis. But what I remember most was his feature known as The Rest of the Story. In these segments he would narrate the backstory behind famous events

David Hegg | Thoughts on Being True

In Act 1, Scene 3, of “Hamlet,” Lord Polonius delivers one of the more memorable lines in the history of theater: “This above all: to

Mike Garcia | Comments on a Nation in Crisis

 Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, delivered the following remarks on the House floor outlining his concerns over the Joe Biden administration and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s

David Hegg | Make Courtesy Common

Growing up I heard my parents talk often about certain actions being “common courtesy.” Things like acknowledging others as you pass them on the sidewalk,