Tim Whyte | Dictatorship: The Dream Starts with Total Media Control

I’ve often thought of being a dictator. I’d be a benevolent dictator, because I’m a nice guy. But it would come with certain benefits, which I would enjoy to the fullest. Virtually unlimited funds. Unfettered access to ritzy golf resorts, where my scorecard would always indicate that, even in his prime, Tiger Woods couldn’t have beaten me. A yacht —

David Hegg | So You Want a Revolution?

By David Hegg  Recently, I spent some time with friends who have recently moved out of California. Like so many others who are fleeing our

Alan Ferdman | Giving Deputies Due Credit

While browsing social media this past week, I came across an eight-minute video, showing the arrest of three individuals in Valencia. It seems, when our

Tim Whyte | SCV: In Memoriam, 2020 Edition

UPDATED Sunday, Jan. 3, to include omissions and recent developments: “Hi Tim, this is Allan Cameron.” It was an unmistakable baritone voice, and he drew

Alan Ferdman | Happy New Year — Hopefully

Hopefully, all Santa Clarita residents experienced a joyful New Year’s Eve, by celebrating in a responsible manner, thereby eliminating the possibility of becoming an overnight