Joshua Heath | How to Fix the Incels

One of my biggest principles is the following: In order to make progress, you have to love the hell out of people, not judge them.   A cursory glance at history shows our smartest leaders have always understood this. It is what powered the moral force of the civil rights movement. Southern whites didn’t deserve the goodness of a Martin

Gary Horton | McCarthy, Republicans Extort USA

Why does this mess have to happen whenever there’s a Republican House and a Democratic president? Nearly every time, these so-called “conservatives” threaten to drive

Jim de Bree | Are There Any Deficit Hawks?

Our national debt has increased exponentially over the past quarter-century. Many in Congress, particularly Republicans, claim to be deficit hawks who stress the importance of

David Hegg | Doing, Knowing and Being

By David Hegg A few weeks ago I was honored to attend two important civic events. First, I joined a few hundred invested Santa Clarita Valley

Gary Horton | Congressman Garcia Slips Us a Mickey

“Cynical” isn’t a sufficiently complete description of Rep. Mike Garcia’s manipulatively titled, “Prioritizing Troops Over Tax Collectors Act.” Garcia’s publicity stunt bill deserves limitless adjectives