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Court dismisses criminal case against film director

The criminal case against a film director accused of bilking more than $21 million from people investing in the 2009 movie “Not Forgotten,” has...
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Wisconsin officer dupes IRS scammer; local officials issue advisory

“Hello, is this the IRS?” You could call it scamming the scammer. A video showing a Wisconsin police officer taking matters into his own hands when...

Chili contest brings SCV together


Learning how to coach yourself

Do you consider yourself an analytical thinker, or are you more intuitive when it comes to learning about your golf swing?  It’s important to...

Where did you learn how to play golf?

Where did you learn how to play golf?  The answers are sure to vary, considering how many of us our transplants to the area....


Creative combination: Jill Phillips balances cake design and other business ventures

Jill Phillips has been running one business quite successfully for decades. Last October, a twist of fate left her in charge of a second...

Beyond the rent, 8 things to know before signing a lease

By Carl Kanowsky Jim came in to see me the other day. He was really excited. He was about to open up his own comedy...