Our View | America, Welcome to ‘1984’

By The Signal Editorial Board Large corporations colluding with political leaders and government to shut down ideas and speech they don’t agree with. Eliminating communication among the citizenry of any ideas or thoughts opposing the acceptable point of view. Retraining centers to align thought to the “approved” point of view. Mob shaming and canceling of anyone who does not fall

Our View | Endorsements: A Final Recap

By The Signal Editorial Board Over the past several weeks, we have published endorsements for various races on Tuesday’s election ballot. For those who have

Our View | State EDD Hits ‘Snooze’ Button

By The Signal Editorial Board The state Employment Development Department announced on Saturday that it would not be accepting any new claims for unemployment benefits

Our View | Uber-Legislative Hubris

By The Signal Editorial Board They say the Legislature in Sacramento is ruled by a Democratic “supermajority.” These days, it feels more like an uber-majority,

Our View | A Solution for Election Day

By The Signal Editorial Board The left is demanding nationwide mail-in balloting for the November election. They say it has been done for years. They

Our View | A Taxpayer-Hunting Wolf

By The Signal Editorial Board It’s a foot in the door. And a dangerous foot at that. Proposition 15, on the November ballot in California,

Our View | Keeping Politics Out of Schools

By The Signal Editorial Board The William S. Hart Union High School District board voted unanimously Wednesday to have students, teachers and staff work online