Our View | Reparation for the Separation?

By The Signal Editorial Board If you serve in the military and you die defending your country, your family receives a $100,000 payout from the government.  It’s a pittance.  And, it pales in comparison to the reward President Joe Biden and his administration is contemplating for illegal immigrants who violated our laws, crossing the border at a time when President

Our View | Newsom Set Stage for Recall

By The SignalEditorial Board Our leaders are elected to represent all of us. And when they fail to uphold that responsibility, there are mechanisms in

Our View | We Must Leave No One Behind

The United States and the United States military have a long-standing and well-publicized policy of no one being left behind.  This concept was perhaps made

Our View | California Attacks Suburbia

By The Signal Editorial Board If you’re familiar with the concept of states’ rights — the idea that powers not constitutionally delegated to the federal

Our View | CEQA Bomb and a Reprieve

By The Signal Editorial Board Santa Clarita dropped a CEQA bomb on L.A. County’s plans to ship all of its violent youth offenders to Saugus

Our View | L.A. County: Listen to SCV

By The Signal Editorial Board Any illusions that Los Angeles County might consider community input before shoving a new detention facility for violent youth offenders

Our View | Independence, Warts and All

Editor’s note: The following is a reprint of a Signal editorial published July 4, 2020: By The Signal Editorial Board Today we celebrate our nation’s

Our View | Remarkable Grace Under Fire

“Captain… is awake. Vitals are a little low. Engineer is going to be DOA.” That radio transmission came from Fire Station 81. Urgent, while remaining

Our View | HMNH Plan Serves SCV

Santa Clarita is a great city. We love working and living here and being a vital part of this city. One of the essential qualities

Our View | DA Gascón Doubles Down

George Gascón is a menace. That’s not an outrageous statement. It’s the inescapable conclusion for any sane person who has been monitoring the L.A. County

Our View | City Takes Lead for Safety

2020’s most quiet disaster, as we stated in our editorial of Dec. 12, is becoming less and less quiet. “The least reported, most consequential election”