Our View | There’s No ‘Dr.’ in the House

By The Signal Editorial Board Suppose you’ve got a cavity. It needs filling. Would you go to someone who doesn’t have “DDS” after their name and hope for the best, or would you seek out a licensed dentist who has completed all of the education requirements to prepare someone for a career in dentistry? Unless you’re on the most bargain-basement

Our View | Garcia Sums it up in 540 Words

By The Signal Editorial Board The Santa Clarita Valley’s congressman, Mike Garcia, took to the House floor on Wednesday during time set aside for general

Our View | Strong-Arming Santa Clarita

By The Signal Editorial Board It’s a classic case of a solution looking for a problem. Bay Area attorney Scott Rafferty has threatened the city

Our View | Punishment, Not Death

By The SignalEditorial Board Violent youth criminals should be incarcerated, but they should be incarcerated safely — and it’s clear that Camps Scudder and Scott

Our View | No, YOU Move

By The SignalEditorial Board On Thursday, Merrick Garland, attorney general of the United States, sent a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation ordering the

Our View | Solemn Duty: Never Forget

By The SignalEditorial Board We Americans have notoriously short attention spans. It’s always been true that we become absorbed in the major events of a

Our View | Newsom Set Stage for Recall

By The SignalEditorial Board Our leaders are elected to represent all of us. And when they fail to uphold that responsibility, there are mechanisms in