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‘Wave of the future’: BrainStim Center opens in Valencia

Local neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Liker is making strides with brain stimulation therapy at his recently opened Valencia center, supporting brain health in patients of all ages.  Liker, who specializes in deep brain stimulation, or DBS, has always had a fascination with the different brain pathologies that impact people’s lives.  With the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, therapy, Liker is able to stimulate brain cells the same way he would with DBS in a non-invasive way by using a

A love affair with backgammon

By Naomi YoungSaugus contributor Backgammon is a competitive game that involves strategizing ways to win. It often results in thrilling and spectacular endings. Shesh besh,

Stepping up to support his brother

Saugus resident Wyatt Leiby, 19, and his family have known since the day he was born that one day, he’d need a kidney transplant.  “Once

Milo’s mighty journey

While Newhall residents Mike Escamillo and Brittney Westover were dating, Brittney had a dream that she was pregnant with a baby boy whose name she

A 10-year-old’s birthday blood drive

It’s Valencia resident Addison Rivera’s 10th birthday and two-year anniversary of fighting cancer, and all she wanted was a blood drive and to raise money