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Portrait of Kelly Seidenkranz. Habeba Mostafa/ The Signal

A glistening example of hope 

Wearing a Lakers jersey on Sunday that was given to her by her cardiologist, Dr. James Lee, and kidney transplant doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Veale, medical

Valencia Hills hosts Anxiety Summit 

Issues related to social anxiety and panic, specific phobias and post-traumatic stress disorders affect about 40 million Americans, according to data from the Anxiety and

Participants of the vision board activity quietly focused to intently create their vision board for 2024 at the Valencia Library on Saturday afternoon. Katherine Quezada/ The Signal

Visualizing Success 

Library’s ‘wellness vision board’ session helps participants to look ahead at 2024  The Valencia Library hosted a wellness vision board activity and participants creatively used

Press release

Church offers 8-week grief recovery program

News release  The First Presbyterian Church of Newhall is offering community members a grief recovery program, scheduled to run for eight consecutive Sundays beginning Feb.