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Minding our Santa Clarita neighbors in nature

While Theresa and Patrick Allen knew they’d be surrounded by wildlife when they moved to Bridgeport six years ago, they never expected it to make such an impact on their young children.  Located in Valencia, Bridgeport’s 15-acre lake and surrounding area are home to a variety of wildlife, including ducks, geese, birds, turtles, some fish and even some egrets and

SCV Water hosts meeting on Saugus aquifer

As the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency works to remove hazardous substances from the Saugus Formation Aquifer, the agency hosted a virtual public meeting to

SCV Water files lawsuit over water contamination

The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency filed a lawsuit Tuesday against multiple companies over water contamination, alleging toxic chemicals from products manufactured by those named

Friday night quake felt in SCV

A magnitude-4.6 earthquake was registered approximately 40 miles southeast of Santa Clarita, in South El Monte California, on Friday night.  The earthquake occurred at 11:38