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Newhall resident, Pearl Harbor survivor featured in documentary

Longtime Newhall resident and Navy veteran George Keene was featured in “Journey to Royal: A WWII Rescue Mission,” a World War II documentary released earlier this year. The film tells the true story of the 4th Emergency Rescue Squadron, whose mission was to save the lives of downed airmen floating in the waters of the South Pacific, flying unarmed into

Local documentary filmmaker debuts in Cannes and Los Angeles

Laura Carlson is a professional writer by day and a documentary filmmaker on the side. Her first film “Beyond Barriers” was screened at the Cannes Short Film Festival in 2019 and made its U.S. premiere in February at the Golden State Film Festival at the TLC Chinese Theater.

Newhall Library holds “musical instrument petting zoo” for kids and teens

Gone are the days when you would be shushed for making noise in the library. As librarian Liza Purdy puts it, that’s an antiquated stereotype and the Newhall Library is a “full throttle library.” On Monday, the Old Town Newhall Library was full of music as the library hosted a “musical instrument petting zoo” for children and teens as part of the monthly “Green Eggs and Jam” music program.

How the SCV figured into the Oscars landscape

Throughout the years, the city has maintained its close ties to Hollywood, so when the nominations for the 2020 Academy Awards season were released Jan. 13, it was no surprise Santa Clarita was an integral part of seven of this year’s distinguished films.

Glowhouse Gaming to host ‘Star Wars’ celebration

In anticipation of the “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” the final film in the “Skywalker saga,” Glowhouse Gaming is hosting a “Star Wars” party to give local fans a way to celebrate their fandom.

Locals review the latest Disney+ debuts

It’s been a couple of weeks since the launch of Disney+, Disney’s much-anticipated streaming service. Not only has the vault of Disney’s beloved classics been

Behind ‘The Black String’

While at lunch one day, Brian Hanson told his friend Richard Handley an idea for a film he’d come up with back in 2008 with

Rob McFerren: Fall Seasonals

As we roll into fall we will take a look at a couple of popular beers of the season. Today most Craft Breweries are producing

Rob McFerren: Pumpkin Beers

It’s hard to believe that we are already in August but as fall approaches the growing selection of Pumpkin Beers will start appearing at your

‘Fist Fight’

If I were to rate my favorite BatmYou can tell me “Fist Fight” is a live-action, R-rated cartoon, and I shouldn’t take any of it