SCV businesses boarded ahead of possible protests

As city officials and law enforcement prepared for possible protests Thursday, many local businesses have taken it upon themselves to do the same. Here in the Santa Clarita Valley, protests have remained peaceful as of yet, with no reports of arrests or violence, but across the SCV, businesses could be

Workplace woes in the quarantine era

“There’s always someone worse off than you.” This is a commonly known phrase that seems commonly forgotten, especially during these strange days of COVID-19. There

The 5 Rs: economic strategy for recovery

L.A. County recently formed the Economic Resiliency Task Force with leaders from business, labor, government and education communities to develop actionable recommendations to improve the

How businesses adjust to opening up

Chairs stacked on top of tables that have been pushed far from the entrance at restaurants. Hand sanitizer dispensers strategically installed at workstations and face

COVID-19 Business Resources

Real estate in The COVID-19 Reality

Commercial Landlords are facing unprecedented government rules, as well as tenants who can’t operate — and therefore generate income to pay their rent. Commercial properties

City and nation grapple with the job losses

Nearly 4.6 million Californians, among them many Santa Clarita Valley employers and employees alike, have filed for unemployment claims since mid-March, painting an unsettling image

The new office normal

As more and more restrictions are eased, it’s now time for businesses to start thinking about what “the new normal” will look like in the

Self-storage project secures $21.7 million funding

George Smith Partners announced recently that it successfully secured financing to develop a six-building self-storage facility near Stevenson Ranch. The $21.7 million, non-recourse, construction-to-permanent loan