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Paul Butler | The Foundation of Business

In the autumn of 1978, the day finally came when I was old enough to have a newspaper route. During the preceding summer, I’d endeavored to beat the clock but was turned away by the owner of the store with the same message said in different ways: “You’re not old enough yet, lad. Come back when you become a teenager.”

Paul Butler | Great Leaders Talk Straight

Earlier this week we visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in the beautiful Simi Valley. Perhaps, I’m a naïve optimist but I’d like

Paul Butler | The Gift Exchange

Regardless of your religious beliefs, most people will be participating in a gift exchange tomorrow on Christmas Day. The gift was purchased, and so the giver

VIA swears in new board of directors

The Valley Industry Association installed its new board of directors during a luncheon and swearing-in ceremony at College of the Canyons’ University Center on Tuesday.  

UVDI announces executive promotion

News release  UltraViolet Devices Inc., a leading global manufacturer of advanced ultraviolet technology for indoor air quality and hospital room disinfection, announced the promotion of

Paul Butler | The Heart of Service

Last week, my wife and I enjoyed three nights and four days up in Santa Barbara to complete our new year planning, both for our

Paul Butler | What a Team!

Apparently about a billion people will watch the soccer World Cup final on Sunday, Dec. 18. All this talk about soccer teams got me thinking