Episode 23

Selina Thomas

April 23, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio meet with Selina Thomas, founder and CEO of 6 Degrees HR Consulting. Selina speaks about her background and “why” she felt a need for 6 Degrees HR Consulting for small businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley. Selina also speaks about the importance of Human Resources in small businesses and how it has only become more crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Episode 22

Women in Leadership

April 9, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio focus this week’s episode on women in leadership. Together, they share opportunities for women in the community and ways women can understand and overcome barriers in their professional career. Paul and Lisa also reflect on experiences about their mother being a leader in the community and in business, Paul discusses his experience in Vietnam and how the role of women continues to grow, and Lisa talks about the gaps of women in leadership roles in the private sector. 

Episode 21

Sharlene Duzick, JCI California 94th President

March 26, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio sit down with Sharlene Duzick, the 94th President of JCI California, about the importance of leadership and recognizing skills and abilities in yourself rather than comparisons against other individuals. As the President of JCI, Sharlene talks about what JCI is and what are some of the leadership challenges she has faced during her time. 

Episode 20

Jon Gardner, JSG Insurance

March 19, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio sit down with Jon Gardner, President and CEO of JSG Insurance, about how he has helped people evaluate their insurance needs and current coverage, educating them on how insurance works, and explaining everything in plain English, all before they have a loss. Jon also explains how his business has adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic for his clients and his staff. 

Episode 19

Mayor Bill Miranda Introduces New Partnership with One True North

March 12, 2021

Mayor Bill Miranda sits down with Paul and Lisa Raggio to introduce a new partnership with the Bill Miranda Leadership Center and One True North: Executive Roundtable. This new partnership focuses on the BMC’s of leadership: body, mind, and character. As the episodes progresses, Paul, Lisa, and Mayor Bill Miranda dive deep into how impactful this new partnership will be for current and future business leaders in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

Episode 18

Step 2: Marketing

March 5, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio discuss the role of marketing and the foundational aspects that help shape your business. They discuss the development and definition of “why,” the importance of business development, stewardship, etc. Paul and Lisa tie this into the pandemic and how businesses can attract and retain new customers, but also connect with current customers. 

Episode 17

Sonya Kay Blake, CEO & President Valley Economic Alliance

February 26, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio sit down with Sonya Kay Blake, CEO and President of the Valley Economic Alliance. She facilities economic development in the San Fernando Valley, an area that has five cities, 1.9 million residents, and 64,000 businesses. Sonya talks about how her alliance engages stakeholders in business to create and retain jobs as well as improve the quality of life in the San Fernando Valley area.  

Episode 16

Michelle Rey, Executive Director COC Foundation

February 19, 2021

Michelle Ray is the Executive Director of the College of the Canyons Foundation. She is focused on asking the question, “How can I make an impact?” In her discussion with Paul and Lisa Raggio, Michelle discusses her roles at College of the Canyons and Power of Philanthropy (POP) to provide individuals, families, and organizations the ability to create a positive impact in their community.

Episode 15

Tools for Business Success

February 12, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio discuss two tools that can be used for business success. The first, DGLPA or, Dreams Goals Learning Planning Action, is a great way where you can identify small changes that create large impacts to your business goals. The second, IVVM or Ideation Visualization Verbalization Materialization, is a tool you can use to make your business dreams clearer

Episode 14

Keri Aaver, College of the Canyons

February 5, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio speak with Keri Aaver, Director of Job Placement at College of the Canyons. Keri has found her niche in building effective teams that fast track job seekers into sustainable employment using individual strengths and comprehensive career development training. Keri discusses ways that employees can improve their weaknesses, increase their productivity, and lead extraordinary lives.

Episode 13

Patti Handy, Wealth Advisor

January 29, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio sits down with Patti Handy, a wealth advisor, as she discusses her professional pathway and her accomplishments. Patti also explains how money stories influence us from our upbringing to our adult life, including the beliefs about money and the limits we impose on it.

Episode 12

Business Health Checkups

January 22, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio go into detail on some of the methods you can develop goals for your business as we enter the new year. A business health check includes ways to grow your net profit drivers, finding new channels in business models, building a competitive advantage, creating a marketing strategy, and more.

Episode 11

Jeffrey Forest, College of the Canyons

January 15, 2021

Jeffrey Forest, Vice President of Economic & Workforce Deve from College of the Canyons discusses his role and insights on providing qualified and trained talent to companies that improve economic development in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Episode 10

SchlickArt Photography & Video

January 8, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio sit down with Brian and Lindsay Schlick, owners of SchlickArt about their company, how their business has survived 2020 through the COVID-19 pandemic as well as what they are envisioning for the future in 2021.

Episode 9


January 1, 2021

Paul and Lisa Raggio look back at 2020, managing their business amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, they discuss the compatibility of their skillsets and developing their venture, Action Coach. Through the process of setting up their franchise, they talk about the barriers and opportunities of creating a business in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Episode 8

Mellady Direct Marketing

December 25, 2020

Paul and Lisa Raggio sit down with Jill Mellady, President of Mellady Direct Marketing, and her daughter, Stephanie Wallace, Director of Business Development for Mellady Direct Marketing. They discuss the growth of their business from garage to warehouse and the challenges they faced to build up the company and brand to serve the Santa Clarita Valley.  

Episode 7

Paul Butler: Maximizing Potential

December 18, 2020

Enlightening conversation with Paul Butler, client partner of Newleaf Training and Development.  Paul explains how he and his team help organizations to maximize their potential; strategies on acquiring and inspiring talent; how to build and optimize teams;  and tips on how to manage your time. Visit our website at onetruenorthcoach.com and sign up for your complimentary business diagnostic. 

Episode 6

John Milburn: Career Development

December 11, 2020

Inspiring conversation with John Milburn, Executive Director of the Employee Training Institute (ETI) at College of the Canyons.  John explains why he is passionate about helping others improve their skills, abilities, and situations; his commitment to always staying above the point; and how the ETI is your one-stop solution for career development. Visit our website at onetruenorthcoach.com and sign up for your complimentary business diagnostic. 

Episode 5

Ivan Volschenk: Pivoting During COVID-19

December 4, 2020

Ivan Volschenk, managing partner at Evolve Business Strategies, explains his “Why” in leadership, and discusses how he and the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce have pivoted to meet the needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Episode 4

Gloria Mercado-Fortine & Phil Soloman: Strategizing & Adapting

November 27, 2020

Glorica Mercado-Fortine and Phil Soloman from Samuel Dixon Family Health Center discuss their business strategy for the Santa Clarita community.  

Episode 3

Bill Miranda: Lessons in Leadership

November 20, 2020

Bill Miranda, Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Santa Clarita, discusses the importance of leadership and understanding the difference between a boss and a leader. 

Episode 2

Nola Aronson: Navigating During a Pandemic

November 13, 2020

Nola Aronson from Advanced Audiology discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her business. 

Episode 1

The Importance of Character

November 6, 2020

Lisa and Paul Raggio introduce themselves in the first episode of SCV Leadership and Business Solutions and discuss the importance of character in life and business.