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Meet the SCV’s ‘Hotshots’ from Bear Divide

They’re the Bear Divide Hotshots, and a description of their work feels akin to discussing an elite paramilitary unit, due as much to their specialized training as it is to the dangerous and unique nature of their assignments.

The magic of making people feel better

Life is full of challenges, and while some might grow bitter after being dealt an especially bad hand, Dovid Rabotnick uses the magic of optimism and actual magic to keep his spirits up and give back to others.

Several steps to prepare for back-to-school

“Back to school preparation is important to starting the new school year on the right foot,” says retired Joyce Carson, who taught for 35 years at Sulphur Springs Community School in Canyon Country.

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Scientists hope dreams lead to discovery

There might be a lot be a lot we can learn about ourselves from the way we dream — but not in the way we traditionally think of, according to Dr. Alon Avidan, director of UCLA’s Sleep Disorder Center and professor of neurology at UCLA.

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Santa Clarita parks – a fun and safe way to play

Recreational opportunities abound in the City of Santa Clarita. From afternoons spent cooling off at the Aquatic Center to playing a friendly game of softball at Central Park, you will find residents enjoying time with family and friends at our parks every day of the week.

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Michele makes….ice cream

It’s summer in the Santa Clarita Valley. It’s hot. What can you do with the family that’s fun and gives you a sweet, cool treat as a reward? One of the simple joys of summer is ice cream. A great family activity is making homemade ice cream with your kids.

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Saturated fat versus unsaturated fat

Fat can be confusing as it pertains to diet. If asked to describe fat in a single word, many people might be inclined to say, “Bad.” However, fat is more complicated than that and is actually an essential component of a healthy diet.

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How to level an uneven yard

Many things can cause a yard to be uneven. Drainage problems, leaky pipes beneath the grass and pests can wreak havoc on a yard, resulting in uneven turf that can be both unsightly and unsafe.

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Expert lawn-care tips for a weed-free yard

Whether it’s splotched, patchy or completely covered, a lawn choked with weeds can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to transform an awful lawn into your dream lawn – thick, green and weed-free.

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Profile: Jason Crawford

Jason Crawford, City of Santa Clarita planning, marketing and economic development manager, is living proof that best-laid plans can often go strangely, yet perfectly, awry.

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Real Estate

Understanding Mello Roos

When purchasing your new home, your future monthly payments will be made up of principle, interest, real property taxes and insurance, but you may also

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