The Time Ranger | Happy darn Independence Day!

One of the wonderful and practical virtues of being a Time Ranger saddlepal (or saddlepal-ette or saddlepalito/ita) is that if you don’t particularly care for what’s going on in present day, you can climb aboard a fine steed and ride back to SCV climes more scenic, peaceful and, often, entertaining.

St. Francis Dam disaster remembered

Exactly one year ago, on the anniversary of the 1928 St. Francis Dam disaster in San Francisquito Canyon, Congress passed the St. Francis Dam Disaster

Memorial March honors World War II soldiers

After years of hearing about the Bataan Memorial Death March, Argel Cardoniga wanted to complete it. The Santa Clarita Valley resident, a Filipino-American fitness instructor and retired senior manager in federal law enforcement, wanted to honor the memories of those who had marched and died all those years ago — including his grandfather.

Remembering the Holocaust 75 years later

Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss’ story mirrors that of Anne Frank. In fact, the two lived across the street from each other in Amsterdam during the

A special need for some special education

Back in the 1960s, there weren’t any special education programs in the Santa Clarita Valley. Instead, special needs children were considered “uneducable” and were only

Longtime SCV resident turns 103

At 103 years old, longtime Santa Clarita Valley resident David Gilbert said his secret to longevity is going for walks and eating chocolate. In his

Still together after all these years

Canyon Country residents John and Shelby Fischer met in the 10th grade at Oil City High School in Pennsylvania. “I was in class and he