Dr. Gene Dorio | Behind the Overdose Crisis

We have an overdose crisis in this country, and it certainly does not exclude the Santa Clarita Valley. I am a house-call geriatric physician caring for wheelchair- and bed-bound patients who have difficulty leaving their homes. Many require narcotics in order to survive their daily routine.  In order to exert control over doctor-written prescriptions, the Centers for Disease Control established

Christopher Lucero | On Truth and Justice

Recently, a letter by an individual who had 50-plus years of experience as an attorney provided his perspective on truth (Stephen Maseda, letters, March 17).

Rick Barker | Absolutely Ridiculous

In re: Signal article, “Supes approve gun-regulatory motions, enact new gun ordinances,” (Feb. 16). News flash for our illustrious county Board of Supervisors: By definition,

Rob Kerchner | We Used to Build Stuff

Our parents built freeways and power plants and aqueducts in California. Today we “build” trains to nowhere, turn off the power, and let precious water

Carrie Surden | Misguided Attention

As a Black woman, I was deeply offended and hurt by the recent racist video uploaded by Valencia High School students that mimicked London Yellow’s

Bob Comer | A Breath of Fresh Air

Thank God for Jim Jordan and Tucker Carlson! Their revelations are fresh air after the B.S. we get from the mainstream media. Bob Comer Valencia