Jay DelDotto | Choosing the Police Officer

Three people are interested in renting the house next door. Two of the three have extensive arrest records. The first individual has three major misdemeanor arrests and five major felony arrests and convictions. He served five years in prison for entering a home, pointing a gun at the female occupant

Frank Arenson | Garcia Demonstrates Leadership

Our Rep. Mike Garcia campaigned on the slogan, “Constitution, Capitalism, Competition and Charity.” Thank you, Rep. Garcia, for demonstrating your beliefs and supporting your words

Ted Aquaro | Are Mobs Germ-Proof?

I just passed the intersection of Valencia Boulevard and Magic Mountain Parkway, where I saw a mob on the southwest corner with signs and banners

Richard Myers | Readers Left Wondering

On the front page of your June 26 issue there was a story by staff writer Caleb Lunetta, “Deputies locate parents after finding boy alone,”

Dick Cesaroni | On Spineless Governments

Eighty years on this good ol’ Earth and I have never seen such spineless and gutless governments (mayors, governors, supervisors, etc.) in this country just