Rick Barker | Simple Is Always Best

A lot of talk everywhere regarding the widespread violence that we are experiencing worldwide and here in the U.S. in particular, and as usual everyone has their pet theories on how to best address the problem[s] and most involve enacting new laws.   As I have pointed out in another letter, “criminals” by definition DO NOT OBEY LAWS, so excuse

Thomas Oatway | Ironic Timing

During the presidency of Donald J. Trump we regressed in protections for human life from gun violence and the woman’s right to control her own

Bob Comer | A Lesson for Lois

Re: Lois Eisenberg, letters to the editor, June 21. The fact that  President Donald Trump wasn’t impeached should tell Lois that she should be better

Max Morgan | Another Week, Another Rant

Good grief! Another week. Another repetitive rant from Lois Eisenberg (June 21). Donald Trump is the devil. Republicans are evil. Nobody cares, Lois. Nobody is

Ronald Perry | Is This Constitutional?

How is it constitutional to have the Jan. 6 (committee hearings) held on public television? If they were reporting on the results of the (hearings)