Michael Molacek | The Socialist States of America

In response to Lois Eisenberg’s letter to the editor (Jan. 8): The new lows she talks about, describing Donald Trump’s pardons, could be applied to Barack Obama. His 1,927 pardons and commutations was more than the previous 13 presidents combined. Including the mastermind FALN terrorist.  Let’s not forget who soiled the Oval Office. Bill Clinton.  President Donald Trump has had

Randi Kay | A Wake-Up Call for Democrats

Our new Rep. Mike Garcia very quietly jumped on the bandwagon to protest the Electoral College votes. Just remember that your representative to Congress is

Thomas Oatway | An Attack on Democracy

Now we can all see how dangerous and destructive the presidency of Donald Trump has been. Everyone, that is, except the MAGA hat crowd, the

Aran Dokovna | Disappointed in Garcia

I am extremely disappointed that our newest representative, who as a retired fighter pilot was espousing how he would fight for all of us, has

Rob Kerchner | The Irony of NeverTrumpers

In 2016, I told “NeverTrumpers” to reconsider, as Donald Trump was the candidate more likely to be impeached if he tried something bad than Hillary