Arthur Saginian | There’s No ‘Normal’

This is in response to Lois Eisenberg’s June 5 letter advocating for LGBTQ rights. I recently wrote in The Signal how diversity can be a strength as well as a weakness, a vulnerability, that can be exploited to keep us hostile and divided (for whatever purpose). And although it is true that we are all equally “human,” we are also

Rick Barker | Was it Telepathy?

Ms. Stephanie Green (letters, June 2), have you taken the time to actually ask Rep. Mike Garcia, rather than just readers in The Signal, why

Richard Myers | A Question of Civics

I just read Stephanie Green’s letter, “Garcia Should Fight for All of Us,” in your June 2 edition, and although I certainly agree with her

Michael Sandeen | Joe Biden as Creator?

Re: Lois Eisenberg’s letter of June 5, “President Biden will be giving respect, dignity and rights to the LGBTQ across the country.” Yet, according to