Sally Louise White | Provocative Climate Insight

A recent study from The National Academy of Sciences provided some very provocative insight into the rate at which our planet is speeding toward a point of no return in the effort to slow down its ever-increasing warming trend.  This new research has provided understanding of a leading meteorological variable controlling how much land burns in the western United States

Rob Kerchner | Living in Fear

For many secular Americans, safety is the new god, with “stay safe” as the modern equivalent of a 19th Century “God bless you.”  In contrast,

Betty Arenson | False Assertions on Vaccine

Thomas Oatway (letters, Nov. 16) continues the wrongheaded assertion that only conservatives are responsible for the 42% (his number) of the eligible population who are

Gary Curtis | Vaccines Slightly Reduce Transmission

COVID-19 vaccine proponent Bill Gates now admits the mRNA-derived formulas “only slightly reduce the transmissions.” These experimental drugs seem to lose effectiveness within six months

Arthur Saginian | Pity for Sen. Sinema

Was Byron York’s commentary (Oct. 6) intended to conjure up tears of pity or sympathy for Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema? And who is Mr. York