David Hegg

David Hegg | Shame Matters to Society

By David Hegg At the ground level of ethics is the understanding that living ethically is honorable while unethical behavior is shameful. This fundamental recognition of shame and honor can be found in every society.  Even the idea of guilt and innocence has ties to what society considers right or wrong, honorable or shameful. When you transgress a societal law

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Arthur Saginian | A Solution for Homelessness?

Setting aside Hilmar Rosenast’s predictable comments (letters, March 19) regarding immorality, sin and covenants, which I fully expected and “forgive” given the stuff he believes

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Dr. Gene Dorio | A Tribute to Dr. Cocco

Dr. John Cocco, a veteran and founding physician of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, passed away on March 4, 2024. He was born in Concord, Massachusetts,

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Rob Kerchner | A Green Policy Backfire

Another green policy backfire: After 10 years, California’s 2014 plastic bag tax has increased the weight of plastic bags in California landfills by almost 30%. 

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Jim Blumel | Hyperfocused on Abortion

It is a very sad commentary on today’s Democrat party that their No. 1 issue in this presidential campaign is abortion. Here is a major

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Jeff Solomon | We Do Need Good News

UPDATED with editor’s note re: Krasinski deal with CBS Viacom. In response to Ron Perry’s question (letters, April 2) about where John Krasinski is: The

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Rob Kerchner | Plastic vs. Control

Environmentalists have required that every California household receive a plastic tub so their food waste can be collected in plastic bags each week instead of