Letters to the Editor

Stephen Maseda | Columnist Mixes Apples, Oranges

In his Nov. 10 column, Jim de Bree said, “What (Rep. Mike) Garcia fails to consider is that reducing the IRS funding by $14.3 billion will result in fewer tax collections. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the resulting tax revenue loss to be $26.8 billion.”  He is implying, if not stating, that the reduction passed by the House to the

Letters to the Editor

Dean Haynes | Is Experience Essential?

Karen Fencil’s letter (Nov. 9) warned us of the dangers brought by newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, including that he’s the least experienced House

David Hegg

David Hegg | What Do You Really Need?

By David Hegg In the days following Thanksgiving I read an insightful article on the irony of Black Friday sales. The author lamented that, just