David Hegg | Who Are You… Really?

By David Hegg  No one knows for sure who said it first but we all need to understand it. While your reputation is what people think you are, character is what you truly are. Words to that effect have formed the basis of personal ethics for years. The person of real integrity is the person with no gap between their

Dave Bossert | Stevenson Ranch and Excuses

The recent March Stevenson Ranch homeowners association meeting was very predictable. The HOA board president started the session on the defensive with an attempt to

Daniel Lagomarsino | Wrestling with Jan. 6

Like millions of other Americans, I am still trying to reckon with what happened in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, when the constitutionally mandated certification

David Veal | Who Committed Voter Fraud?

Re: Beverley Scott’s letter of March 24. Former President Donald Trump’s approval rating hovered about 39% and dropped to 32% during the middle of 2020.

Our View | DA Gascón Doubles Down

George Gascón is a menace. That’s not an outrageous statement. It’s the inescapable conclusion for any sane person who has been monitoring the L.A. County