Stephen Daniels | What Might Happen if We Listened?

Last week, I had lunch with a new acquaintance. It was an interesting experience because he is on the so-called red team and I am on the blue team. Our political opinions couldn’t be more different.  As we chowed down on our burgers, we discussed the state of the union, Republicans vs. Democrats, and the future of the nation.  I

Brian Richards | What Did Joe Say?

Today, April 28, President Joe Biden said the following: “I’m also sending to Congress a comprehensive package of that will enhance our underlying effort to

Thomas Oatway | We Are Iran Now

A Supreme Court draft ruling penned by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked. This is a 98-page draft that signals a decision to rule in favor

Mike Garcia | Comments on a Nation in Crisis

 Rep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, delivered the following remarks on the House floor outlining his concerns over the Joe Biden administration and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s

Max Morgan | A Gas Price Non-Sequitur

Gas prices have gone up 15 days in a row in California. Meanwhile, the Joe Biden administration just cancelled a million-acre lease sale in Alaska,

Tonja VanRoy | Kids Left in the Lurch

As everyone is aware, there is a mental health crisis within pre-teen/teenage kids. The lack of socialization during the pandemic caused many kids to have

Mike Gertler | Taking Exception to Column

Re: Betty Arenson commentary, April 30.  I take issue with Ms. Arenson’s column. I respectfully ask that The Signal consider the adage, “Everybody’s entitled to

David Hegg | Make Courtesy Common

Growing up I heard my parents talk often about certain actions being “common courtesy.” Things like acknowledging others as you pass them on the sidewalk,