Victor Lindenheim | Productive Public-Private Partnership

The groundbreaking ceremony for the I-5 North County Enhancements Project took place last week, commemorating the start of a series of highway improvements, representing a new investment of $679 million in the corridor. In a speech last year, author and columnist Tom Friedman described how the public and private sectors would work together in the future to address major challenges:

Kirk F. Smith | Doing Homework on Vaccines

In response to Thomas Oatway’s letter, “Ignore the Vaccine Disinformation,” Nov. 26:  As much as I respect Mr. Oatway’s opinions on the COVID-19 vaccines, and

Ron Perry | Disagreements on Water

In response to Brian Richards’ Nov. 23 letter:  There are three things we disagree on this whole water problem. First, it has nothing to do

Shari Gibbs | Calling Out the Emperor

I first heard the story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” as a grade schooler. I thought it was funny (and pretty stupid) that someone could be

Eric Goldin | Passing the Rittenhouse Test

When psychologists analyze our mental state, one of the diagnostic tools they can use is the Rorschach Test. It’s a projective psychological exam where a

Max Morgan | Double Standard for Xenophobia

In response to the Omicron virus, President Joe Biden has banned travel from eight African countries. Where are the cries of “racist”and xenophobia from the

Arthur Saginian | Agreeing with Kraut

I’ve acted out of character twice already by agreeing with something written by Gary Horton, but I really outdid myself this morning (Oct. 12) by