David Hegg | The Great Ethical Dilemma

By David Hegg  You should know that, to keep up with the pressure of a weekly deadline, I usually write this column a week ahead just in case my schedule blows up on Thursday. So, I had no way of knowing that the unimaginable rioting and criminal activity that brought every reasonable American to tears on Jan. 6 would occur

Alan Ferdman | Lessons for 2021 and Beyond

I fondly remember standing at attention next to my grammar school desk, with right hand over my heart, and reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance,” along with

Tom Santos | A State of Disbelief

So, Donald Trump supporters don’t believe Trump’s Justice Department, which came out publicly and affirmed that there was no fraud.  They don’t believe Trump’s Cybersecurity

Randi Kay | A Wake-Up Call for Democrats

Our new Rep. Mike Garcia very quietly jumped on the bandwagon to protest the Electoral College votes. Just remember that your representative to Congress is

Thomas Oatway | An Attack on Democracy

Now we can all see how dangerous and destructive the presidency of Donald Trump has been. Everyone, that is, except the MAGA hat crowd, the

Aran Dokovna | Disappointed in Garcia

I am extremely disappointed that our newest representative, who as a retired fighter pilot was espousing how he would fight for all of us, has

David Hegg | So You Want a Revolution?

By David Hegg  Recently, I spent some time with friends who have recently moved out of California. Like so many others who are fleeing our