Jim de Bree | Are There Any Deficit Hawks?

Our national debt has increased exponentially over the past quarter-century. Many in Congress, particularly Republicans, claim to be deficit hawks who stress the importance of controlling the budget and reducing our national debt.  In 1990, Congress implemented the pay-as-you-go rule (PAYGO), which generally requires Congress to offset legislative spending increases or revenue reductions (AKA tax cuts) by reducing other spending

Charles Bradford | You Call This Unity?

Re: “Rain or shine, SCV honors MLK,” news story, Jan. 17. The Free Dictionary defines “unity” as “1. The state or quality of being one

David Hegg | Doing, Knowing and Being

By David Hegg A few weeks ago I was honored to attend two important civic events. First, I joined a few hundred invested Santa Clarita Valley

Rick Barker | Vive La Difference

As a 74-year-old who has been voting since I turned 21, I have a few observations I’d like to share with y’all no matter which

Arthur Saginian | An Expert on Everything

Please go to The Signal’s online version and read anything that has ever been submitted by Thomas Oatway. It’s really easy. There’s a little icon

Gary Horton | Congressman Garcia Slips Us a Mickey

“Cynical” isn’t a sufficiently complete description of Rep. Mike Garcia’s manipulatively titled, “Prioritizing Troops Over Tax Collectors Act.” Garcia’s publicity stunt bill deserves limitless adjectives