Diane Zimmerman | What Pride Month Is About

Re: Pride Month. Imagine, if you will, schools celebrating American patriotism enthusiastically. Or freedom. Or even local community pride.  Nope. Those things are all racist, or something. It’s way more important to get this hyped up over people’s (sexual orientation).  That is all Pride Month is about.  Yet we are supposed to devote the entire month of June to congratulating

Dennis Fuerst | Hate at the Ballpark

So the L.A. Dodgers fan base has been advised the Dodgers’ version of “Pride” is to mock and denigrate Christian religions in general, and the

Rick Barker | Trying to Be Polite

In re: Arthur Saginian, “A Follow-Up on a Follow-Up,” letters, April 28. I always try my best to be respectful and polite when dealing with