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The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

About Media Sponsorships

Thank you for contacting us about a possible media partnership with Signal Multimedia. Our goal is to reach target markets through events that provide educational, entertainment or cultural experiences relevant to our readers’ lives while making a positive difference in our community. Signal Multimedia receives many sponsorship requests each month. All of these requests are reviewed by our Executive Staff. Our staff looks at each request and a decision is made based on certain criteria and available resources. Signal Multimedia will partner with as many organizations as possible within our guidelines and budget. Signal Multimedia will not support events, programs or initiatives that discriminate against, denigrate, exclude or offend minorities. For Signal Multimedia to consider a sponsorship or partnership agreement, an event, or program, the criteria below must be met. 

  • Make a positive difference in the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • Be produced by or benefit a local non-profit organization.
  • Have an application submitted by an officially authorized representative of the charitable organization.
  • Provide positive visibility for Signal Multimedia.
  • Subscribe to the Signal newspaper or e-edition.
  • The Signal will be the sole newspaper sponsor.
  • Submit sponsorship request 90 days prior to event date.

Media Sponsorship Form

Media Sponsorship Guidelines

With the volume of events held each year in the Santa Clarita Valley, it is difficult to create a policy that applies to each event. Instead, we offer the following guidelines for your review.


Exclusivity – The Signal will be the sole newspaper sponsor.

Recognition – As a sponsor, Signal Multimedia, or The Signal Newspaper, will be recognized on all promotional materials such as posters, fliers, programs, tickets, signs, print and broadcast advertising, press releases, etc. The appropriate Signal Multimedia or Signal Newspaper logo should be used. The logo cannot be altered in any way. The size of the logo must be in proportion to the size of the ad. When appropriate and commensurate to the level of support, Signal Multimedia shall be provided with invitations and/or tickets to the events.

Booth space and signage – If the event is one where booths are set up, Signal Multimedia will select a booth space to distribute promotional items, as well as sell daily newspapers and/or solicit subscriptions. In addition, areas will be assigned for display of a Signal Multimedia or The Signal Newspaper banner or banners.

Sponsorship ads – All sponsorship ads shall be published on a space-available basis. After ads are initially turned in there can be no copy changes. Placement and publication dates cannot be guaranteed. For guaranteed position, please contact our Advertising Department. Ads are to be used to promote the special event or initiatives described in the application, and are not transferable. All thank-you ads are handled through our Advertising Department.

Agreement of confidentiality – The specific terms and conditions of sponsorship agreements are confidential. They shall not be made available to any third party without the prior written consent of Signal Multimedia and the event organizer.

Sponsorship agreement termination – Signal Multimedia reserves the right to change these guidelines or terminate this program without notice.