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The Benefits of Signal Plus

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Your email address will be added to our Signal+ Breaking News list so we can notify you when breaking news occurs. When you sign into your Signal+ account on our app you will also receive push notifications.

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Join and create groups centered around topics in the Santa Clarita Valley. Find information about your child's school, get cooking with new recipes, and more as you connect with community members.

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When an emergency threatens the Santa Clarita Valley, get the latest facts and information on what is happening and what you need to know in order to keep you and your family safe.

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The community is here for each other. Join the thousands of community members who share the stories and experiences that make the Santa Clarita Valley such a special place to live.

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If you subscribe to The Signal newspaper or E-Edition through your Signal+ account you can manage your billing information, vacation start/stop information, and much more.