US Postal official apologizes to Castaic residents for postal worker behavior


When a U.S. Postal Service mail delivery worker yelled at Kristen Singleton, not once but on several occasions, for parking on the street in front of her own house Singleton posted her concerns about the worker on Facebook.

What she got in return was an outpouring of response from at least half a dozen Castaic homeowners living near Hasley Canyon Park who shared their own similar stories of interaction with the caustic postal worker.

“My first encounter happened when I was sitting in my house and heard this loud slam against my door,” Singleton said. “It was for a package that was left, marked ‘Fragile,’”

When she expressed her concerns over the rough handling of a fragile package, Singleton said the worker “raised her arms over her head screaming.”

On another occasion, a registered nurse visiting the Singleton house daily, and parking her vehicle in front of the Singleton house, was also accosted, Singleton said.

“She yelled at the nurse and told her not to park there,” she said, noting vehicles parked there do not interfere with any mailbox.

On a third occasion, the worker allegedly yelled at Singleton’s husband for parking in that spot.  “She was cussing at him and flipping him off,” Singleton said.

Singleton got the sense, she told The Signal Monday, that the postal worker knew she could do whatever she wanted and she would still have her job.

When a U.S. Postal official was asked about complaints lodged by Castaic residents living near Hasley Canyon Park, and specifically along a mail delivery route that includes Quincy Street and Live Oak Road, he knew which worker was involved.

“Santa Clarita postal management has received customer complaints about this employee and is investigating and will take corrective action,” Richard Maher, corporate communications official for the US Postal Service said Monday.

“The Postal Service apologizes for this employee’s reported behavior, which was unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” he said.

“Santa Clarita management will be taking corrective action, but I cannot publicly disclose the disciplinary action taken against an employee,” he said.

Castaic resident Chris Faber welcomed the prospect of the problem being resolved.

Faber first noticed the postal worker speeding on Cambridge Avenue, between Hasley Canyon Road and Hasley Canyon Park, she said.

“I thought she was going to flip her mail truck,” she said, noting she was worried about her children playing outside.

“I did have an encounter with her at the mailbox,” she told The Signal Monday.

“She was just really rude. And, I thought ‘Gee, you have a job a lot of people would like and here you are being so rude.’

“I don’t want to ever have a face-to-face encounter with this person,” Faber said.


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