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Looking for an authority on the construction industry? Look no further than Albert Giacomazzi and Tony Traverso, the leaders of Santa Clarita-based company that has grown its revenues sixfold over its first 12 years.

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What was your vision for AMG & Associates upon its launch in 2006, and what has powered the company’s rise to success?

AG: Our objective has always been to focus on public works. That’s essentially what we do. The first year of business, we did approximately $9 million worth of work and there’s just been a gradual increase each year. Last year, our revenues were approximately $58 million. Projected revenues for 2018 will be approximately $70 million. … It is not Albert Giacomazzi and it is not Tony Traverso. It is the AMG team. We have very loyal, dedicated employees that work for us. They go the extra mile. Without them, our company would not exist. We really value all of our employees. They are absolutely paramount to our success.

That explains, then, AMG & Associates’ placement on Inc. Magazine’s list of the country’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies for the past six years. What does that mean to you?

AG: When I received the letter from Inc. Magazine indicating to me that, ‘Hey, only 4 percent have ever reached this milestone,’ I thought that was quite notable. That’s a very significant achievement for our company. We’re really, really proud of that. It’s going to be a seven-time, too, because our projections for 2018 indicate that we’re … going to be there.

TT: The Inc. awards, what’s important to note is that some of those (were earned) during the recession. We learned through that recession to be lean and to be very productive. A lot of that had to do with technology and our use of technology in construction. Our systems and procedures needed to be on the cutting edge. That has continued. … We’re competitive (now) because we’re doing more with less, and part of that is the implementation of some of these technologies that we’re using that I don’t think many of our competitors do.

Your company’s fingerprints are across California – and beyond – but where can people of the Santa Clarita Valley see your handiwork?

TT: Locally, Fire Station 156, off of Copper Hill, and Fire Station 150 in Golden Valley. Those are probably the two most notable local projects. But we’ve done work for, there’s four school districts in this town, we’ve done work for all of them.

What’s the greatest compliment you’ve received as a company?

AG: Many of our projects, because of the size and magnitude and complexity, require us to get evaluations from our former customers. Cathy Kawaguchi is the superintendent for Sulphur Springs School District. She wrote me an email when the project finished up and just said, ‘I really appreciate AMG, felt that you’ve always been straightforward and honest with me, and I would be glad to do another project with you.’ If you can get compliments like that. … To get those evaluations that come back that are positive and glowing, that makes you feel good.

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