“Heads up” Safety Campaign to address bicycle safety in 2018

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Following an 11 percent decline in annual collision rate, 47 percent drop in pedestrian-involved accidents and zero pedestrian fatalities in 2017, the City of Santa Clarita’s “Heads Up!” traffic safety campaign is evolving to target a new demographic: bicyclists. With a large community of bicyclists who ride for fitness, fun or for their daily commute, the City of Santa Clarita’s Traffic Safety Team is committed to reducing the number of collisions involving cyclists by 20 percent in 2018, through education.

In partnership with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, the City of Santa Clarita launched its “Heads Up!” campaign last year to combat distracted driving and increase pedestrian safety. The campaign educated drivers and pedestrians on crosswalk and roadway safety.

Since incorporation, one of our City’s top priorities has been the safety of our residents on City streets. In continuing the award-winning “Heads Up!” campaign, the City will focus on educating drivers and cyclists on safe behaviors when it comes to cycling and driving with cyclists on the roadway.

“Heads Up” banners and advertisements will continue to be seen throughout Santa Clarita and social media content will center on four main messages:

  1. See and Be Seen – Cyclists should always ensure they can be seen by pedestrians and motorists. Wear bright colors, apply reflective tape or stickers to bicycles and helmets, and install lights (red for the rear and white for the front) for riding after sunset.
  2. Gear Up – Double check you have your safety gear on before going for a ride. Always wear a helmet and proper footwear. Use a backpack or mounted basket for carrying personal items, because hands-free riding is safe riding.
  3. Be Predictable – Cross streets at marked crosswalks and intersections and never ride out mid-block into the flow of traffic. Use proper hand signals prior to making turns and always yield to pedestrians.
  4. Go with the Flow – Only ride with the flow of traffic, never against it. This is a good rule when riding on sidewalks along major roads, too. Remember that it is the rider’s responsibility to know and follow the traffic laws applicable to bicycling on City streets.

In addition to traditional methods of pushing out information, the City will reach cyclists with messaging where it is most impactful. “Heads Up!” stenciling will be placed throughout the City’s trail system, as well as at key intersections with a high volume of drivers and cyclists. “Heads Up!” reflective stickers for bicycles and helmets will also be available in the coming weeks for free at City Hall, cycling events and local cycling stores.

Learn more about the “Heads Up” campaign online by visiting Santa-Clarita.com/HeadsUp

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