What Should You Know about HESI Entrance Test?


The HESItest, also referred to as Evolve Reach Nursing Admission Assessment exam, is designed to be used by many accelerated and traditional nursing programs as a part of their admission process. The exam is designed to measure the candidate’s capacity for nursing education. It is made up of various academic topics, including mathematics, vocabulary and general knowledge, reading comprehension, grammar, chemistry, physiology, biology, physiology, and anatomy. The test also covers the aspect that enables the examiner determine the candidate’s learning style and personality traits. Individual nursing schools can select the specific tests they want their candidates to be measured on and the scores requirements for admission.

The HESI entrance test is available only as a computer-based exam. The paper and pencil format is not available. Individual nursing schools handle the logistics and scheduling of the test based on their internal decision. There are various study materials that are available for the preparation for the exam. Therefore, the candidates are expected to use appropriate study guides and take as many practice tests as they can before they write the Health Education Systems (HESI A2) .

HESI Test and Its Subjects

Mathematics: The HESI Mathematics section consists of 50 questions. The candidates have 50 minutes to complete the questions. It is designed to evaluate the candidate’s skills in math in relation to health care. The questions will evaluate the student’s abilities in terms of multiplication, addition, division, subtraction, proportions, fractions, decimals, and ratios. One may also be measured on household measures, dosage calculations, conversions, and roman numerals.

Reading Comprehension: The reading comprehension section of the exam is made up of 47 questions. The candidates are allotted a total of one hour to complete all the questions. This part is designed to evaluate the ability of the individuals in understanding of reading passages in relation to health related scenarios. The test takers are required to know how to identify the main theme or idea, determine the actual meaning of words, phrases, and sentences in context. They are also expected to understand various passages and make rational inferences from them. The actual reading scenarios will be displayed on the computer screen for the candidates during the exam. However, one can find the way through the passage to view the whole scenario.

Vocabulary and General Knowledge: This section consists of a total of 50 questions and the time allowed for its completion is 50 minutes. The knowledge areas that are measured in this part cover various health care related vocabulary words. Therefore, the candidates are required to build up their basic vocabulary in health care in order to be able to do justice to this section of the exam.

Grammar: The section contains a total of 50 questions, and the time allocation for the completion is 50 minutes. The test evaluates the test taker’s understanding and knowledge of basic grammar principles. They include crucial terms and their usage in grammar, parts of speech, as well as common grammatical errors.

Chemistry: This part of the HESI exam is made up of 25 questions. It is designed to be used by institutions that have chemistry as a part of their prerequisites. Some of the topics that the test evaluates include chemical equations, atomic structure, matter, periodic table, chemical bonding, nuclear chemistry, and chemical reactions. The total time allotted for the completion of the questions in this section is 25 minutes.

Anatomy and Physiology: This area consists of 25 questions. It evaluates the candidate’s understanding and knowledge level on anatomy and physiology. It is essential to mention that not all nursing schools place emphasis on this exam: there are some institutions that require it as a part of the prerequisite for their admission process. It tests the knowledge of anatomical systems and structure, and general terminology. The time allocated for the completion of this section is 25 minutes.

Biology: The section contains 25 questions. Its time duration is 25 minutes and the students are expected to complete the exam within this time frame. The test is required by institutions that have biology as a part of their prerequisite for admission application. This area covers content areas, such as cellular respiration, photosynthesis, cells, metabolism, biological molecules, and biology basics.

Physics: This HESI part is also made up of 25 questions. However, the total duration for its completion is 50 minutes. It is used by schools that require physics for admission. The topic areas that are covered here include Newton’s Laws of Motion, friction, rotation, waves and sound, energy, projectile motion, gravitation, average speed, light and optics, and acceleration.

As earlier mentioned, some schools incorporate the HESI Learning Style and Personality Profile test as a part of the admission testing approach. If this is a part of the requirements for your school, there are some basics you need to understand about this section of the assessment.

Learning Styles Assessment: This section is made up of 14 questions. It is designed to evaluate and identify the learning style of the candidates. You have a total of 15 minutes to complete this assessment.

Personality Style Assessment: This section of the exam contains 15 questions. It is designed to help institutions identify the personality style of the students as it relates to learning. The time allotted for its completion is 15 minutes. The candidates are offered study tips at the end of the assessment to help their learning style and personality.


The HESI entrance test is not a very difficult exam. Learn the full information at the official website and start your preparation. If you take your time to study and cover the study guide, you will be able to answer the questions perfectly well. It is important to mention that if you do not pass the exam at your first attempt, you can retake it at a later date.

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