City Council to consider adopting Rosenberg’s Rules of Order

Santa Clarita City Hall is located on the 23900 block of Valencia Blvd. File photo

The Santa Clarita City Council is one step closer to applying formal changes to how the council appoints mayors from within its own ranks, along with other norms and procedures.

During an early January regular meeting, council members voted unanimously to bring forward at a later date a formal proposal stating that the City Council would adopt Rosenberg’s Rules of Order for the conduct of meetings.

That date has arrived. Scheduled for Tuesday, the City Council is expected to consider adopting a resolution that amends its norms and procedures for meetings, activities and other operations.

The two options in consideration were Robert’s Rules of Order or Rosenberg’s Rules of Order. The City Council had previously expressed favor to the latter, which they described as simpler to follow when compared to lengthy and complex rules under Robert’s.  

Modifications would read that motions be voted on in the order that they are made, according to the city staff report.

The resolution to amend the norms and procedures stems from the December debate over the mayoral rotation for 2019, which brought several questions about whether the council even had a formal order to follow.

When deciding what steps should be taken to establish a formal set of rules, Mayor Pro Tem Cameron Smyth said, “It’s not my desire to make any changes to the council leadership process. But I do think that it makes sense to simply have a parliamentary process in place for this council and future councils to just provide guidance on any items that are up for debate.”  

Specific options on the mayor and mayor pro tem rotation will be discussed at the April 9 City Council meeting, according to the staff report.

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