Tips in Buying Office Furniture on a Budget


Most small business and start-up companies have limited finances to spend on infrastructure and other office resources. Buying office furniture can be a significant expense, and if you are looking to save money, you can stretch your budget by comparing prices, shopping around, and making a note of the following helpful tips.

Plan according to the available space and intended purpose

You do not buy workstations, desks, and chairs without carefully assessing the needs of your employees. Even if you have a small office, you still need to create a floor plan and make a list of essential pieces of furniture which can provide the right functionality and comfort. It is also necessary to come up with a design aesthetic that fits the company’s brand image.

Check your options from several online stores and suppliers

In addition to what you find by searching online, you can also narrow down your selection by focusing on ads from local furniture dealers. Apart from well-known office furniture brands, you can also consider what smaller suppliers offer. Even big warehouse stores stock-up on office furniture so you can check them out too. The more options you have, the better your chances at finding the most affordable deal possible.

Comfort should be a priority

When buying office chairs, always keep the comfort of your employees in mind. Chairs need to be ergonomic, especially if the person who is using it will stay seated for long periods. You may also want to conduct a simple survey and ask your employees what they look for in office furniture.

Consider buying refurbished or second-hand pieces of furniture

There are many suppliers out there that deal with refurbished office furniture. You can save a lot of money by mixing brand-new and refurbished pieces. Some of these dealers may also offer the same warranty as brand-new furniture sellers, which means you will get the best value for money. Nonetheless, shopping second-hand or refurbished furniture can be a bit tricky. Check the reputation of the seller and refer to customer feedback before making a purchase.

Try to get additional discounts

Buying furniture in bulk means you are entitled to ask for a little bit more discount if the seller is willing. Do not hesitate to do so because sellers often have a buffer, especially if you are making a large order or plan to do business with them again.

Consider the shipping cost

Buying online means you will pay extra for shipping. Shipping out furniture may cost a lot, so be sure to verify how much it would cost in total. The furniture may be cheap, but a massive shipping fee could end up costing you more in the end.


Buying furniture does not have to be an overwhelming task. Research, compare options and plan accordingly to get the best value for money. Start-up companies need to be careful with every expense and decorating the office with furniture need not make a significant dent on the bottom line. With a bit of hard work, you can make your office look stunning and professional even if you are on a budget.

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