Laurene Weste: Find school resources at Santa Clarita Public Library

Council member Laurene Weste
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By now, children have adjusted to the school year, gotten to know their teachers and befriended their new classmates. They are also getting back into the swing of doing regular homework. Just mentioning the word homework would no doubt elicit some moans and groans from young students, and possibly parents, too. Never fear, our Santa Clarita Public Library is full of materials and resources to help you and your children.

Homework Help

If your child works better with direct attention and encouragement, bring them to Homework Help at the library. This program is available Monday through Thursday afternoons. Happily, students can bring in their work and get individual attention to help them complete their daily assignments. From math and science to reading and writing, the knowledgeable Homework Helpers will be able to answer questions, review lessons and share study tips. 

Homework Help times vary based on each library branch, so please visit and click on the events calendar for more information to assist you.

For elementary school students striving to attain their Accelerated Reading (AR) goals, the children’s librarians at all three library branches will be happy to recommend books that match their interests, determine what books are in their AR reading level and let you know how many points they will receive for completing each book. It is crucial that students read for enjoyment. Encourage your children to choose books that pique their interest. 

You can also find book recommendations online matched to your child’s interest and grade level. On the library’s kids’ page, you will find lists of books divided up by themes — such as adventure, fantasy, historical fiction, mysteries, award winners and more.  

All children should have the opportunity to enjoy reading the books that make us feel good. When our children become adults, they will have established good reading habits.  

Besides the physical books and materials at our libraries – there is also a whole virtual world of resources available online. The library has access to several kid-friendly databases. Simply select a database and type in a search word (just like a search engine), and you’ll find primary source documents, interesting articles and pictures.

What’s the difference between an internet search and a database search? Database information comes from sources that are also found in print (books, magazines and newspapers). That means the information is reliable, and you can confidently cite this information in reports and papers. One such site is called Social Studies Fact Cards. On this site, students can explore historical information on California missions, local Native Americans, ranchos and other state-specific topics. We also have a couple of local history websites, and, which provide local news and history.  

Benefits for parents

Parents can also benefit from online resources. In the parent section, several sites offer tips and information. There is even a site that helps navigate the Common Core State Standards. This new way of learning can be challenging for parents who learned the basics in a very different way than their students are currently.

The Santa Clarita Public Library has what you need for your next adventure, from books and reference materials to online resources. I urge you to check out your local branch and log on to By having the assistance and support necessary, you and your children can enjoy a successful and positive school year.

Going to the library is fun, helpful and very enjoyable. See you there.

Laurene Weste is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council.

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