David Hegg

David Hegg | Truth, Cause and Effect

By David Hegg In logic there is a fallacy known as non sequitur. This Latin phrase simply means “does not follow” and describes a situation

Letters to the Editor

Dr. Gene Dorio | Homelessness Continues to Rise

Thank you to Jonathan Kraut for his revealing Nov. 28 column, “Real Homeless Solutions Not Sought.” Indeed, despite politicians touting they are effectively housing those

Letters to the Editor

John Weaver | Finding a Better Team

In her letter (Oct. 29), Lois Eisenberg speaks of the appalling and barbaric atrocities committed by Hamas and of some people praising these inhuman killers.

Attendees drive around and record the decorations at Wakefield Winter Wonderland on Wednsday, Dec. 6. Habeba Mostafa/ The Signal

Lighting up Santa Clarita

A look at some of the most popular holiday lights displays in the SCV  By Selvin Ramirez For The Signal  The days after Thanksgiving, or even

Letters to the Editor

Lois Eisenberg | Lois and Behold

After weeks of chaotic non-leadership by the Republican-held house, a far-right, inexperienced Louisiana Republican is now the speaker of the House. Lo and behold. This

Letters to the Editor

Larry Moore | Alternate Universe

The Mighty Signal gives Gary Horton a weekly pulpit to spew forth his misguided ideas about the state of our city and country. I’m sure

Letters to the Editor

Denise Lite | Mark Your Calendars

The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats endorse George Gascón? That must mean there are 20 shoplifting days until Christmas! Denise Lite     Santa Clarita

Letters to the Editor

Christopher Lucero | Hyperbole Reigns Supreme

Unbelievable. Once again, hyperbole and false claims rule the local Republican cabal’s misinformation campaigns. Literally the entire cabal’s membership showed up to gripe that “12-year-olds