Arthur Saginian | Sex Education Nothing New

Ms. Diane Zimmerman (letters, Aug. 3) took a shot at our government-run school system and the stuff they’re pumping into our children’s heads, which, according

Paul Butler | Follow the leader

I’ve been reminiscing a lot recently and my mind took me back to the schoolyard and to the games we’d play. One of our childhood

Steve Petzold | Rebuttal to Superintendent

I take great pleasure responding to the recent allegation made by Colleen Hawkins that I made misleading comments regarding the management of Saugus Union School

Larry Bustetter | Civics for All

Recently, I was encouraged to learn of our grandson’s civics education class in one of the junior high schools (eighth grade) here in Santa Clarita.

Liz Cotone | Kids Get More with Moore

I have known Cherise Moore not just as a public servant serving the students, staff and families on the board of the William S. Hart

Michael Woodings | Garcia Puts You First

The recent Route Fire is fresh in our minds. Our area experienced significant traffic issues related to roadway damage on Interstate 5, the West Coast’s

Bill Lyons | China Going Green?

While the United States, and California in particular, strives to reduce CO2 emissions, China isn’t. According to The Wall Street Journal, estimates indicate China has

Keith Smith | Looking for an Explanation

Re: Kipp Mueller: “Our State Electeds Failed Us,” letters, Sept. 14.  I am waiting with bated breath for my state representatives to explain to me