Shari Gibbs | Just One Bad President Away

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” — Ronald Reagan Freedom, borders, safe cities and good quality of life are never more

David Hegg | Character Matters Most

By David Hegg Yes, I watched the video. Isn’t that the question everyone has been asking? Yes, I watched as more than a handful of

Gene Rostalski | Can’t Find Horton’s Evidence

I just finished reading Gary Horton’s column, “McCarthy, Republicans Extort USA” (Feb. 1). As a household that receives Social Security and Medicare entitlements, comments regarding

Alexander Duncan | Higher Crime Is No Surprise

Are we surprised crime is skyrocketing across Los Angeles County? Follow-home robberies, shootings, burglaries, thefts and unprovoked violent assaults are the new normal for Los

Rick Barker | Always the Same Hatred

In re: Gary Horton, “Congressman Garcia Slips Us a Mickey,” commentary, Jan. 18. Any Democrat, Republican or independent who has ever taken the time to

Gary Horton | McCarthy, Republicans Extort USA

Why does this mess have to happen whenever there’s a Republican House and a Democratic president? Nearly every time, these so-called “conservatives” threaten to drive

Dan Petkunas | Plenty of Wrongdoing

As a former Department of Defense security officer, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump did wrong. Neither held the classified documents in required safes/facilities. Neither